what is the best spacer

Mark Rogers

CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Dec 22, 2003
Dallas, TX
and or what are the trade-offs between them. I will need to use a lot on a regular basis, mostly on metal. I have seen that Larson offers 3 different types, Arlo, Frame Space and Channel Space. I am also aware of Frame Tek but not sure if Larson's Frame Space is from Frame Tek.

Go with Frame Tek, great company....people and product.
Econo-spacers are the best for me, (ums). Being as they are hollow, you can utilize them in so many ways. For over, over sized pieces I have often inserted an eighth inch spacer inside two quarter inch spacers for the extra strength of the splice. for double sided pieces, I will staple through the spacers and into the frame to hold the glass in.
Frame Space. Since they "clip" onto the edge of the glass rather than adhere, it's mechanically impossible for them to sag into viewing area over time. They're easier to work with too. No measuring required... installs much like Bevel Accents with the "pin wheel" method. You can watch a demo of an installation on their website.
Wait... or do I mean Frame Tek... or is Frame Space made by Frame Tek... hmmm... should of thought that one out before I replied...
FrameSpace is especially good for metal frames because it covers and pads the glass edges. The rabbet of a wood frame is a bit forgiving to the glass edges on impact, but metal is not.