What Is It?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Mar 2, 2003
My landlord approached me about a space he had rented to a gallery/frame shop. The tenant had moved out without notice and left behind supplies that he thought I could us. So we made a deal $50 for all and I would drive the 50 miles to pickup everything. (boxes of glass 75 or so sheets of mat FC moulding etc... well worth my time) I went there today and started to load the supplies on my way to the truck I noticed the "ring" pictured below in the bathroom, it was so odd I had to take it. It can be disassembled into 10 sections, made of plastic, hollow inside. At first glance it looked like some sort of portable shower, but it has no holes in the green nipples or no place to hookup water supply.

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Well, I'd say that is a pretty rare thingy and well worth framing! (But that's what I tell ALL the customers! hehehhe)
support hoop for a minature trampoline?
Do those green niples come off? Do they point inward or downward(uward)?

If inward it looks like you could run rope or rawhide through the inside and out the nipples, then assemble the ring and make a drum, or stretch deerskin (parchment?
) to make it taut.

If they point up you could attach a hose to one of them (attached to a small pump), and puncture holes into the others and have a low flow fountain! put in LED lights and it could be a kind of cool display for your shop. Or hang it with the nipples hanging downward, with the water and lights, and it could be a cascading kind of waterfall display.
Chakra massasager by NeuAge. Don't touch more than 5 of the green nipples at a time or you get a chakra.

Or a bad reputation for touching more than your share of nipples.

Personally I see a nice deep Neo-Rococo shadow-box frame, with a sculpted wall into the back, covered in black suede... this is to hide the fact the entire hoop is Mylar encapsulated and floated a full 1.5" off the back... [Jim Miller will be along soon to explain how.] :D
I dunno what it is … but I want one!

Actually, Baer is on the right track; it’s a metaphysical device. You pass the hoop up and down your body and it fluffs your aura.
These are not nipples, they are suckers, so it is:

A cross-section of an arm of a of very large Octopus! The red color is blood from it's last victim, probably a hapless swimmer.

It should be framed nevertheless, for scientific reasons.
It's a party device.

No, not THAT kind of party.

You take it to a party and make everyone guess what it is. The person who comes up with the most convincing BS, wins it.

(Do NOT, under any circumstances, put that thing over your head.)
Each section of the ring has the word "HEALTH" embossed on it.

Below is an image of one of the nipples.
Ah, ha! The latest images make it clear to me.

It’s a centrifuge designed to separate your chakra from your aura.
Ah, ha! The latest images make it clear to me.

It’s a centrifuge designed to separate your chakra from your aura.
Look kinky.

This feels like a section on This Old House when one of the guys breaks out some 200 year old tool and everybody makes some corny suggestion as to what it is.

Good work Hanna.

One think is for sure. They at least sold one of em. You might hang on to that bad boy. It might go for millions on ebay.
Hey HannaFate,
I looked it up...I thought you were just kidding but there it is. Pretty amazing what people will but to trim their waists!!! Too Funny!
A buddy of mine told me that he had recently come into the same situation...he had a tenant skip out a while back and left a shop full of supplies.

One side with tons of (antique)old cameras/camera equiptment/lenses/films/processing chemicals/etc and the other side a complete custom framing shop...

There was a fletcher combination wall cutter, a chopper, several boxes of glass, several boxes of matboard, hundreds of samples, about 3000 feet of various mouldings, and he wanted 1k for the whole lot (including the camera stuff which was worth at least 9k split up and sold to the correct people)

There was a boat in the back of the building as well.