What drives customer orders?


El Framo

Other than the obvious biggies (ie. Christmas, sales or major in store events) why do people tend to come in at the same times, and why do they tend to stay away at others. There seems to be no rhyme or reason from day to day. This year we had a strong January/February compared to a lackluster time last year. Now it is March (a strong 2004 month) and things are at a crawl.
Whatever these factors are, they seem to affect the general public as a whole.
Without changing our hours of operation or advertising, why is it that we get (sometimes remarkably) drastic results.
El Framo - I've been wondering the same darn thing. In February I was blaming it on our move - down 50%, March, is dragging. I've made cold calls to designers, etc., they are buying preframed art for their customers - sad but true. Not sure how we will end up in March, but it can't keep going like this!! I'm thinking DIVERSIFY, DIVERSIFY, but I'm not sure if thats the answer.

Still searching for the right answer or time of year...