What do you do for Christmas?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jan 7, 2005
This is our first Christmas in our store. How do you decorate your windows for the holidays? What about inside your store? I am brainstorming and thought some of you might have some ideas for holiday promotions/decorations...maybe even pictures of Christmas past.

We decorate to the hilt! Lights everywhere, moving figures, bows, xmas music, a small tree, you name it! 'Tis the season to make money! hohoho!
Same here ..in fact we have the tree up already!..it takes awhile to really do up the place. :D

We have dancing Santa in the window...we have had him with reins herding a long row of chickens and cows don't know what we will have him doing this year..
Get lots of laughs and attention
I figure most people coming in already know it's Christmas, so I don't overdo it with decoration. We put colored light strings around the windows, and hang a big gold fancy frame containing black foamcore with lights all over it. Then on the counter I have my traditional standing frame containing a cartoon of Santa in front of a sales-type chart with a zigzag that ascends rapidly at November. The chart is labelled "Being Good".
Caption: "The Anticipated Pre-Holiday Behavioral Upswing"
:cool: Rick
I buy shiny fabric (solid colors such as hot pink or lime green ribbon w/gold or silver edges and tie large ribbons on framed artwork in the windows. (If you're facing the painting, loop the ribbon over the top left corner and the bottom right corner, tying the big bow in the top left. This technique doesn't cover the artwork). Use some empty boxes and wrap them in metallic gift wrap to coordinate. Gives the window a very polished, elegant look. We also sell alot of Tiffany style lamps, so our shop has lots of color all year round. We leave the lamps on 24/7.

Selling Christmas Collectibles and Home Decor makes this nature for us. What some framers don't know is that we don't show this "Christmas Attire" until about now....late October. This takes about 3 weeks to put it all together and stays up until the 3rd of January. Then we put on our "street clothes". ;)


We're almost done, with a few more displays to do, but one front window becomes a Nutcracker display, while the other becomes a multiple themed display with mostly ornaments.


As you walk through the shop, pictures on the wall and work tables are surrounded by displays and 17 trees of various sizes. Ornaments in baskets are placed below the trees for impulse buying.


Above is a view to the framing desing counter - Below is a display in the back of the shop.




Wow! That's alot of Christmas trees! Thanks for sharing the pictures.
I have inferred that many of my clients do not in fact celebrate Christmas. For that reason my holiday decor is more of a "winter wonderland" theme. White snowflakes and silver stars. I do use rather a lot of twinkly lights (clear bulbs). I add wrapped packages to the photo frame displays - neutral, silver paper with white ribbon.

This started for me when I worked in the NY Metro region and it seemed appropriate to continue it here.