What did I do to my settings?

B. Newman

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Sep 5, 2001
Kodak, Tn. USA
I changed my print settings to landscape in order to try to print the photo of Marc's book. Didn't help (did other things that did work.)

Changed the "print setup" back to portrait, but e-mails still print landscape and I can't find anywhere else to change anything.

What did I do, and how do I fix it?


I have had this problem :rolleyes: ……in your Email go to print, then page set-up and change the setting to portrait....that should do the job



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I have brought up e-mail several times, but there is no place to change the print settings on the e-mail itself. Only on the "print" settings, which is set to portrait already.

Click on 'print', then, when it brings up the print screen, click on 'preferences', then click on the 'layout' tab, then on 'portrait', then 'okay'.
This works on MINE. Mine is a Hewlett-Packard printer. As a matter of fact, I can change mine to 'landscape', and, when finished printing, it will automatically default back to portrait.

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If your screen doesn't look like the above, it might look like mine:

Open the email.
Hit CONTROL+P to print.
Click on PAPER tab
In the ORIENTATION section, click on PORTRAIT.
Hit OK.

How it looks depends on your printer driver, which was provided (in most cases) by the printer manufacturer.

Ah, I figured it out. Also figured out the sluggishness of my machine as well.

You see, by using Compuserve, it opens in it's own window, (I may not be using the correct terms here, buy you'll get the picture [no pun intended, Mike!]) but it is still using the MS Internet Explorer browser in the background. (Much like most GM cars use Mahle pistons.)

I had specifically opened the IE browser to see if I could manipulate the settings to print Marc's picture. I forgot to change the print settings back on that browser, and somehow or "ruther" the IE never completely got closed out either.

I kept getting this pop up screen over the past few days when I was not online, that asked about "working off line" but no matter whether I clicked "cancel" or "work offline" nothing happened. So I didn't know what was going on. (There was nothing at the bottom of the window indicating that anything was open.)

I had changed the settings on the Compuserve screen back and forth several times, and even restarting afterward. Nothing helped - still landscape.

Last night I happened to remember another time when I was having a problem with the "G" being in "large print", that I fixed it on the IE screen. So this morning I tried it and it worked with the printing (which showed up as still on landscape) and when I physically closed that browser, everything else began running (opening and closing folders, etc) faster!

Straaange things, these PCs... :rolleyes: