What are the companies that use frameshops the most


True Grumbler
Apr 25, 2001
I was going to make this a poll but felt that having it as a message post might work better, Now what companies use your frameshop the most. For exsample interior designers, oil and gas companies, restruants ex. I think having a nice balance between the general public and business helps with the slower months.
What a great question!

My three largest clients in $$ volume are:

A private Museum, An Interior designer, and a non-profit organization (The Smiley Foundation) which frames a lot of smiley memorabilia and posters).

My three largest in # of visits are:

A venture capital incubator (they have pictures of each of the companies in the building and change photos and mats each time a new company comes in.), an engineering firm that ahs items dry mounted often, and a local artist that does a lot of large pastels.

I know there is more "business" framing going on around here, and have tried to figure out how to tap it?!?!
Currently I seem to have mostly individuals that I work with. In my past business with a more urban setting, the commercial framing seemed to come mostly from the following in this order:

1.) Interior designers

2.) Advertising and marketing firms

3.) Large corporations

4.) Government entities (City, county and state)

5.) Architectural firms

Dave Makielski

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It has changed over the years.
1. Banks
2. Hospital
3. Small companies associated with good customers as the owners e.g. law office and Drs office.
4. Federal and city offices at times.
5. All of the above are generally using our services during a remodeling project.
This is good, I was wondering how many shops are framing for city or government departments. I geuss I should have included my top groups of companies, I would have to say #1 restraunts #2 designers, and the last would be hmm this ones is hard one home builders or developers, but if you think designer are hard to work with try developers they want it today and cheap most of the time.
The greatest percentage of our business is from individuals; however, the greatest percentage of our sales ($$$) is from . . .
1. Attorneys
2. Interior Designers
3. Realtors
Amazingly, the attorneys are the easiest to work with and to please.