Wet Saturday...


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Jun 11, 2004
Edwardsburg, MI
Saturday was one furstrating day...my next door neighbor, a caterer, had a ruptured pipe and as I was working Sat. morning it became wetter and wetter underfoot and I realized I had a major problem. Unable to contact her, I was eventually able to contact my landlord. He directed me to the outside electrical box (locked) to turn off the well pump. After taking a hammer and smashing the lock off I went back inside and opened all the faucets to relieve the water pressure which eventually stopped the flooding.

Meanwhile the water continued to flow under the walls and covered half my store in water. Since I was working to turn off the water, I was unable to move products out of the way as fast as I would have liked and sustained about $ 1000.00 in damaged matboard, etc. Thankfully, no customers work was affected other than I have to reorder some product to complete orders.

I ended up having to close after wet-vaccing and setting up fans to dry everything out. I turned up the heat to 75 degrees and left for home after putting a closed sign on the door.

Wearily, I went home and fixed lunch and took a nap. After waking up, I decided I was not in the mood to go back and start cleaning up the mess, so I got out my sledge hammer and wedges and split some firewood to relieve my frustrations.

I guess I should just be thankful that this happened on Friday night and I was there to catch it on Saturday morning. If it happened over a Saturday after closing...who knows how bad it could've been?

Dave Makielski
That is horrible news, but I guess you can be thankful that you noticed it as soon as you did, as like you said, it could have been a lot worse. I bet splitting some firewood helped to get rid of some of your frustrations. All the best in your clean-up and insurance claim.
Sad to hear Dave. Keep your head up.
Sorry to hear about it Dave.I hope insurance co. settles your claim fast.Sounds much like what happened to Val a month ago.Bye and take care.
The time it takes to figure out and document the damage is probably not worth the effort.
My neighbor is a sweet lady and just got married last weekend and opened for business next door the week before.

Not worth pursuing damages, but I did let her know she owes me a couple lunches!

Dave Makielski
Bummer that she just got married :)Been nice if she could have fixed your lunch for ya..

How come so many are flooding out as of late?
The worst I have had so far is a runny toilet. I would fall apart if I went in and found a $1000 worth of damage...I feel so bad for you guys!
Sorry to hear you are similar situation to me. Good luck with the insurance ... I'm sure we will both need it!
What did we have, 3 or 4 flooded grumblers of late? Time to prop up the stuff in the storage room with 2x4s. None of this "it won't happen to me" crap.

I guess it could be worse. A few years back, a couple local framers lost their bussiness to fire. Complete burndowns. No building left. :(
Also posted in warped -

All of you with water damage insurance claims:

Let us know what happens at renewal time. There was a series of articles recently that claimed that insurance companies were sharing water damage claim information for the purpose of denying renewals and refusing to accept new customers. I hope this isn't true with all of the recent Grumbler's experiences.

Wow, what is it with all the bursting pipes? Sorry to see you go through this Dave. Hope it dries quickly.
Thanks for all the well (no pun intended) wishes!

Dave Makielski
Dave, I got carried away (again!) on Andrew's "Aaaarghhh!" thread and posted a message to you, so go there to see it if you haven't already, I won't re-do it here.
To add to it, like Paul recommended, keep those fans running, and keep an eye out for mold, it can cause as much damage as the water.
Good luck with the clean-up. I'm still dealing with mine and the insurance claim process.
keep those fans running, and keep an eye out for mold
yes, yes, yes & put ome of them up againt the walls(plasterboard???rip 'em OUT!!!!)sorry to hear it happened but bring up a question for Hugh on molds--what about spraying with swimmingpool algecides &/or clorox solutions..in/around/under walls/floors....stinks but should kill the mold, and at this pointin time should not have tooo much added moisture problems from thebug-killers....BUT what about the artwork, etc????obviously clorox will bleach(and the fumes also) but something should be used th treat floors/walls/BEHIND walls....what???