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I would like to welcome all of the newbies, lurkers and posters. Please excuse the "American we Speak" (for the most of us) and remember not to read between the lines or take anything said or misspelled personally. A frankenthread is occasionally accepted and appreciated in some instances!

WELCOME, WELCOME, welcome! Speaking for myself.

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:mad: OK. THATS IT!!! Now IM insulted. Just kidding ive always wanted to say that.

Actually, I am one of those "noobs" around here. I just want to tell yall thanks for all your help. Its funny that nobody knows anything about me, but has already been a valuable resource to me. You won't find this type of selflessness on many forums. In the short time that I have been hanging around I have already made several personal contacts with many of the "regulars" around here. The archive has information that you should have to PAY for.

I will take just a second and introduce myself. (My best group counseling voice) Hello my name is Jay Hartman. (Echoes of "Hello Jay") Seriously, I will sign the lease on my new building this week and I will update my information with my business name and address and web site and stuff. I am 27 and have been a construction electrician the last 7 years. I build custom guitars and play lead guitar in a praise band called Vital Impact in a church of about 1700. I like to do website design and digital graphics too. I have decided to open a frame shop for a few reasons that I won't bore you with now. I have three kids 6,3,1 years and have been married 8 years.

Anyway I am glad I found this site and will forever claim this as the single best source for inspiration for my framing empire or the single worst source for false hope! Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to more personal contacts in the future.

PS Im not usually this nice. As a matter of fact its making me sick to my stomach so don’t expect it too often. Thanks.
I think it's a happy moment for all of us when a new Grumbler begins to feel comfortable enough here to introduce him- or herself.

Some never reach that point, and sometimes there is a very good reason for that.

And some of us dive right in from day-one and share a lot more than anybody really wants to hear. ;)
I turned 50 in August, had a physical in November and had my first colonoscopy last week. It was schedlued in Novmeber as part of the physical. Now there is a thriving business!
Jay…..watch out for Ron……he may start getting ideas that you could be an Axe Murderer……..I will let Ron fill you in on that one… :rolleyes:

A musicale instrument maker….my brother is Mr. Bodhran www.bodhran.ie nice business.

Good luck with your new venture.

Hey, Katman, me too! Though I managed to put it off 'til I was 52. Kinda gives new meaning to the term "mid-life crisis" don't it?

I had mine a few days after Thanksgiving (that was just, plain mean) and they had us old farts lined up like a summer night at the Dairy Queen.

Might be something to look into for framers that want to diversify.

Bravery is the better part of valor in my book and you are one brave d*de to post as a newcomer your real name on the Grumble. Of course I cannot post MY real name because of my undercover activities but I welcome you to the Grumble and hope that you never need my services in the future.

Do us all a favor, though, don't go into too many details about any of your medical examinations particularly those of a "cavernous" nature! katman and Ron will handle that end of the profile with vivid detail should any of us have a need to hear about those ventures!! :eek:

And like Terminator always says, "Watch your back in the framing room!"

Omar, by now you'd be overdue for your second or third "procedure" - depending on how sadistic your doctor is.
I just had a wisdom tooth taken out. I think IM a few years away from those medical....errr.. procedures!
Heck, I thought we weren't suppose to post personal information on a public forum. You know in case some lurker was actually a kidnapper or something.

But then, who would want to kidnap a short, pudgy, 40-something - certainly not for the ransom. No money here.

Any way, I'm glad the grumble is here. I appreciate all the info. I consider myself still a newbie, to the forum, to framing, certainly to posting.

And I always thought "just the facts" would be best in the posts because fellow grumblers are obviously very busy people.

But we all need a little human touch now and then don't we.

by the way, Rosalyn is my real name. Pronounced RosaLyn not the typical Rozlyn. ;)
Hey Jay,
Next time you are up the Louisville way come to the east side and visit me! What a great time you'll have! Do you know how to use a broom?
More than 6 months this year I have been a stay at home dad. This means I not only know how to use a broom, I'm rather proficient at the wash machine, dishwasher, and the oven too. I'll be by there in about 2 weeks. Stop sweeping now so I have something to do ok?
It is nice when someone "outside" the group---now "inside" the group---reiterates that this is a helpful forum. We'd hope that isn't an exception but perhaps it is. Maybe we are unique: if so, we should revel in it.

Welcome, Jay H.
Thanks for the warm welcome.

I'm sorry, I didn't join sooner. :(
Since I joint, it's my daily thing to check the Grumble. For me it's like reading the paper:

The Daily Grumble
Frontpage = The Grumble
Business Section = Picture Framing Business
Funnies = Warped Moulding
Modern World Section = Computer, Software, etc.
Livestyle = Picture Frame Design, Tips of the Trade
and Ads = Commercial
You all see, it's like the daily paper......just much better and some times funnier :D
Thanks again for the welcome!