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If your DNS is not finding thegrumble.com please give it a day or two. Everythng should be here. Please report any problems etc. right here. When you first log on the new server your computer need to load all the graphic files into your memory cache. This will slow down you screen display for the first couple of times you log on. It should speed back up shortly. More to do in the background so more later.
Great going on the conversion. It looks identical

Thanks again for all you do!

Oh, that was pretty weird.

I watched a little television tonight and talked to my wife.

At first, she seemed suspicious. I think she sensed there was a disturbance in the cosmos.
When I click on the "Latest Post All Forums" links I get this:
No such topic number exists.

» Please use your browser's back button to return.

Other than that everything is moving smoothly, fantastic work!
I had the same experience that Lance mentioned.
Everything else seems to be working.
Thanks, Bill!
The problem I'm experiencing is that there is no way, so far, that I can add the G to my 'Favorites' list. Everytime I click on it, in 'favorites', it takes me back to my MSN homepage.
I have to clear the little address line and type in www.wmpf.com, and hit enter to get here, but once I get here, it's great!
I've only noticed two changes:
  • I have to log in each time I go to The Grumble, even though I don't log out.</font>
  • There is a new Picture Framing God on the hill - a situation I will address on Warped, as is appropriate.</font>
What a job Framer.....well done.....everything looks good at my end.

Thanks you
Ron, I just noticed that I've attained god-like status. Now, if we can just figure out how to sabatouge FGII's computer so it'll be a l-o-n-g time before he reaches our lofty perch!
EDIT: Posted on wrong forum...

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Most of those problem exist from old data that your browser has stored. That should clear up after a day or two. Also hold down the left shift key then click refresh clears out the old.

Once the DNS changes all that should clear up.

Back to the drawing board on the last post feature.

I shut it down for now.

I noticed that when I first go to the forums page it shows I'm not logged in. After I click on a topic it will show me logged in (without actually logging in).

Otherwise everything seems to look and work fine. THANKS, FRAMER for all your work in maintaing this BB. It is invaluable to our community.

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I noticed that all forums have a 'lighted' bulb (new entry sine your last visit).
I checked and found that's not the case.
I had to put The Grumble back into my favorite list, but is working fine know.

One thing is a little wierd for me :rolleyes: .....
today was the first time I used the 'arrow-buttons' to jump to the next topic and noticed that the don't work in the way I would use them.
The right arrow-button, will bring me to the topic before and wise versa. I don't understand why. Is it just me? :confused: Right button = next topic, is how I would use them.

Edit: It's only looks like to be in Warped that way....need to use the buttons the warped way :D

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Thank - - - I remembered my password. Next time, why don't you just send everyone every one their password so that memories will not be stressed?

Jack Cee
I noticed that when I first go to the forums page it shows I'm not logged in. After I click on a topic it will show me logged in (without actually logging in).
Hey, you're right. Same here.

You've probably saved me hundreds of hours spent logging in.

And that's just this week.
Darn, NOW you tell me! After I sat here for a half hour trying to remember my password - going thru Grumble withdrawal and pulling my hair out (what little is left) ;)
The system will email you your password if you know your login name. It sents it to your email address of record.

My DNS for thegumble.com just went active.

And forum moderators can tell you your log-in name, even if it's not the same as the display name, provided they can locate your profile.

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I think this might be because it's referenced as WMPF.COM in some places and THEGRUMBLE.COM in others. It must be confusing the cookie monster.

Works great, I did encounter the red x box instead of photos in the the chinese paper cut thread I searched for. Thanks
thegrumble.com is picking up on both of my service providers here now, all good, top effort!