Welcome a new Grumbler

j Paul

PFG, Picture Framing God
Feb 23, 2004
Hey everyone, I thought I would paste in this reply I recieved on what seems to now be a dead thread. This is his first post to the grumble, and so far only myself and Dermot have noticed and welcomed him aboard. His first post was on the thread "Off to a good start" yesterday.

Quote"Hello all,
I am new to the Grumble and have been reading everything I can. This is a great group. Very helpful and honest, I like what I read here. I have been reading about J paul’s new store and the opening. I’m following it with great interest. My wife and I are hoping to be able to open a shop one of these days. From looking at your pictures and reading your posts I’m sure you will be very successful. Putting together your store was no small feat! You have done a great job and now it sounds like you are beginning to reap some of the benefits.
Keep us up on what’s going on. It’s a great education for us “Grumbler’s in Training.”
Good Luck!
I, of course, welcome all first-time-posters, but only in my heart. I personally find it irritating to read a long string of posts saying, "Welcome" "Yes, welcome" "We are glad to have you" and so forth. Therefore I generally choose not to add to the string. But, welcome, Jeff.
Welcome to the Grumble Jeff!!

Are we OK now? Everything good?

This is a great reminder that we could as a group be responsible for an entire crop of new framers being well informed and connected to the industry. Jeff - Stay off of Warped Moulding! It can be addictive, you'll never get your new shop open if you get caught up in it.

Didn't there used to be an organization called "Future Framers of America"?