weirdo plastic things some clients call "frames"


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May 25, 2005
Seattle, WA
Does anyone know where to get these black plastic strips that fit over the glass and backing, and you just cut them to size. The sides are open and look terrible. The client has tons of them to match, and I've seen em before but don't know where to find them. I will try to attach a photo.. we'll see how it goes..

Not getting it.. How do I attach a photo? :(
Those weird plastic strips usually come in 6' lengths in 300' bundles. They are nasty to cut without specialized equipment. (I'm not talking about a saw or chopper - neither is really suitable for these things.)

After investing a few hundred dollars in equipment and inventory, you can cut them cheaply, but maybe somebody has a "chop service."
I can't remember exactly, but the ones I am thinking of are called "clippity strips" or such. I am pretty certain that PosterServices from Cincinnati offers them

They used to come in 3 or 4 sizes like 22" 24" 30" and 36" strips and they were stored in a round drum. Client bought the corresponding pair and took them home

Can't imagine anyone actually fitting them for a client

If that's what you are asking...
Can't imagine anyone actually fitting them for a client
We carried them!~ Charged as much+ for the fitting as we did the strips!~ depending on size of poster!~ Never failed they still wanted us to do it!~
No chit-chat If you work fast you can squeeze shop hourly rate out of it!~
But we did sell more just cash & carry!~
Clippity Strips are cut to size with just about anything (no miters) and used on an unmounted, unglased poster - top and bottom only) in place of thumbtacks.

I think what trofeo is looking for are the plastic strips that are used on the poster frames. They use backing (often corrugated or Masonite) and glazing (usually Styrene plastic.)

They come in gold, silver, black and maybe other colors. They are meant to be cut with mitered corners, but they tend to crush with a chopper and melt with a saw.
Ok, so here's a photo of the strips i am searching for.. Thanks for all the info to date, and let me know if these look familiar..
The client has a new job at the high end paint store near me (they do interior design, upholstery, wallpaper, & color consulting also), and the guy who had the job before her had these color sample swatches "framed" in those strips. She wants the new ones she's making to match, and doesn't have the budget/time/need to frame them all to match.
If the product was cooler and more visual, I might donate the framing of them for a plug for my shop, but they're just these boring things, so I'm not sure a basic frame will look a whole lot different than these terrible things.. And they're hanging up high in their store, where no one will see how good or bad they really are..
Here goes the photo.. Thanks Baer!


Did it work?
Hope so..
and thanks everyone.
The fire/burg installation company at our new building used that "stuff" to "frame" the directions for operation. Fitted in well with the photocopy-of-a-photocopy-of-a-photocopy-of-a-photocopy-of-a-photocopy instructions.
Hey Ron-The clippity strips we used to carry did have mitres as I remember. It was a simple add-on fo rth ekid with the Scarface poster and a $10 bill in his pocket

Hi Gumby-I didn't mean that we wouldn't frame something with them, but that the typical client wasn't about to pay for fitting. Had they wanted it, we would have taken their money

Instead, several years back, we decided to offer a dry mount on 24x36 with a hanger for $10 if they bought the poster from us. It dried up the clippity biz

BTW You know what goes clippity clop clippity clop Bang Bang clippity clop clippitty clop?

A drive by shooting in Amish Country
Good one, Bob, but I would revise that to
clippity clop clippity clop Thoing Thoing clippity clop clippitty clop. Why? Gun's too high tech-- gotta use a slingshot.
:cool: Rick
Wow, a plastic frame with a lap joint!

Nope. That isn't what I was thinking of. I've never seen anything like that before.

Must be a west coast phenomenon.
They look like the strips you buy at the home building place to put on the edge of 1/8 inch panels.
Well, finally....someone has found something I will not do...even for money. Hmmm...I am shocked at myself. ;)