weird preggers/baby pics

Mike LeCompte CPF

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Jul 20, 2005
Knoxville TN
Had two really unusual pregnancy/baby pics come in.

First the pregger: she is quite attractive, 20-ish as is her husband. Both Ken and Barby types. Had their pic taken naked. I mean totally and unabashedly naked. He's standing in back of her with his arms crossed over her front so you can't see the obvious body parts but they are both definitely, absolutely naked.

the professional photographer charges hundreds for his work and this is a black nd white 16 x 20. Spends about $400 or so for a Roma frame and linen matting and all that and the pic will go in their dining room. So prbably over a grand for a pic of her and hubby naked with her 8-9 months showing. Yeah, that's what I want to look at over a nice dinner.

Second one is a baby: face only, 20 x 16 this time but the professional photographer's cut off baby's forehead and chin and this deliberately.

Again, let's spend about $450 to get our baby pic framed with 5" wide black linen mat so we can see the face with forehead and chin cropped.

I'm told by a professional photographer that both of above scenarios are the "new trend"

Can't wait to see who else shows up with naked photos of themselves and hubby.
we've had a few of the pregnancy pics - and let me tell you - the only people who should be doing that are models! LOL!!

There was one recently - and just the way they were posed - king of lying down on their side - it almost looked like the hubby had his hand on her... well, up her...... well - in a place that you wouldn't want people to see you putting your hand!

Definately not something I'd want hanging over my dining room table either...... but to each his own I guess. We have a saying in our shop "It's not going to hang in MY house..."
No naked photos here but did frame some somewhat unusual baby photos recently.
Shots of baby's ear, etc. but we did a grouping with the shots of parts and shots of baby in mommy's hands and one in daddy's hands.
Made a nice presentation.

No adult nudes though.
A nude is a nude is a nude. Some are much more appealing than others, but it is still just a body. Does the statue of David have any clothes on? Tastefully done black and white nudes can be beautiful. We are not talking about pornography here! The photo of the couple sounds like a very beautiful portrait that they are obviously proud of. Perhaps it does not belong above the dining table, that would depend on a lot more than just the subject matter. The couple sounds like they may be comfortable in their skin....

Deb: O we get the baby parts too: little hands and feet and smiles. Make great shadowbox concepts. I mean she comes in with the hands/feet shots done by a professional photographer and we ask if you have christening gown or some such.

Suddenly a $150 frame job becomes a $400 shadowbox for the little dear.

But nudie preggers are something else. And yes, she did and does have a model's looks and figure. even a couple months after the baby was delivered she was back to a size three or something like that.
I went with a date to a dinner party - it was a friend of a friend of a friend situation. The man was a serious amateur photographer who apparently had aspirations to shoot the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The dining room was decorated with calendar type shots of his girlfriend in v-e-r-y skimpy bathing suits - or strategically placed strings of shells, or reclining on a car. It was awkward for me and I didn't even know her, but her parents were also there. They must've loved that. At least she wasn't nude - though I didn't go upstairs and see the bedroom walls.

I've framed some beautiful super close-up baby portraits, and series with unusual shots like tiny hands ot toes or just a smile. I've also framed a few series that were similar but somehow didn't quite succeed. Gave me added respect for photographers.

Nobody has brought me a pregnancy portrait yet. I have framed 2 sets of sonogram photos.
Wait till the "mother-giving-birth" pictures gets more popular....

It seems to be the latest rage to invite everybody and their cameras to the delivery room!

And yes some photographers love to chop off kids' heads in photos.

Then the parent asks what can be done to frame "as much as possible" of the slightly-severed-head picture.
I took black and white photos at the birth of my niece! They are really beautiful. The nurse told me where to stand to get some 'tasteful' shots.(like I needed to be told...) The very first moments of my niece's existence are captured on film- her face was just gorgeous. Then she started howling...

I'll post them here once I figure out how to do so.

Somehow I see nothing wrong with a photo of a beautiful, nude, pregnant woman with or without her husband. I'd hang it in the bedroom, though, but I'm a prude.

edie the shutterbug goddess
I framed a "Big Head" baby shot last year - the mother (albiet very young and umwed) said that the baby's head wasn't really that big - it's the way the photogrpaher took the picture. So, don't you get to pick which picture you buy!?! It was pretty horrible. Did a couple of "nearly nude" preggers shots... they were really nice photographs - again not for the dining room or not my dining room!!
I'd rather look at these pics than a lot of the ick we frame for some customers.

Honestly, I wish we had captured the "belly shots" professionally when I had my kids. I know I will never be pregnant again, and there's just no way to imagine how amazing the human body is. ( read: how enormous that tummy can get!)

Your mind forgets. Quickly!

I would not, however, be serving the images with dinner.
That's an interesting choice for placement.

I've done several groupings of black/white baby part closeup pics, all in one frame. Those are mighty cute!

But, big heads of anything scare me a little bit.
Had a customer call me and ask if I had any reservations about framing pictures of nude women. I told him not at all and bring them in. A little while later he called again and said I could forget about it. His wife heard him call and she said there will be no nude women pictures hanging in her house.

I find portraits printed larger than life size to be rather disturbing.

You all know that I am NOT a prude, but I would probably not want even the most beautiful "nude pregnant" picture of myself in the dining room. Artistic nudes of total strangers, maybe, but not of myself. It would be too forward.

My house does have some "racy" artwork in it, but not in the "general public" parts of the house. I figure, it's only polite.

The problem I have with nude or sexy pictures of someone on the wall is that it seems to be forcing intimacy on me. It does make me uncomfortable. (once I get to know them, it doesn't) Sexy images of strangers don't seem to do that, maybe it is the screen of the "professional model".
We once did a set of photo's for a mother to be, a series of her naked, but artfuly drapped with a satin sheet. Showing her "growing" and the final one holding the baby. They were just lovely!

A 16 x 20 of two people would be alot smaller than life size, depending on how it is cropped. Nude or semi-nude pictures of pregnant women with or without husbands have been a growing trend in the professional photography market for a number of years. It started with a number of Hollywood stars who had them done. I've seen some very beautiful ones that have won awards at our photography conventions.
Had a regular customer of mine come in the other day w/a large nude print. Didn't seem like her choice of artwork, but hey, I'm just the framer. I didn't ask any questions. Finally, after all framing decisions were made, she explained that her hubby had always wanted a framed nude painting over their bed and she had just ignored his request. After 25 yrs. of being married, she came home the other day to a large mounted fish hanging over their bed. Said she "high-tailed it" to her office and immediately ordered the nude print from the internet. I promised to have the job completed w/in 24 hours.
Very funny, Ric! :D

That broccoli head would scare Kit, though. It's very, very green!
Janet that is funny. I guess I need to get me a fish print framed for the bedroom. Nah.

I think it is cool that women are that secure. I mean it is an interesting nine months then all the years after. I would thik it would be neat. I would be down. I would hang it in my bedroom or a room away from company. I am a sexy man and I know how you ladies get when you see some leg! I would want it away from the typical company anyone that gets in the bedroom knows they are in your personal zone and you got too expect something more intimate. Be it images or style of room. Got to have a love nest.

Patrick Leeland
I personally love the Steve Hanks print of the nude in the shower. I want to do it for our master bedroon/study/library, but I waited until our boys were adults. (and I don't even want to think about grandchildren! :eek: )

As for the main topic of the thread, I saw my first nude pregnant woman photo at a friend of mine's photography studio. It was very well done - but I just kept thinking "she had to come into the shooting area plumb nekked for that..."

ooops - "redneck alert" :D
Stteve Hanks Nudes are beautiful! As a matter of fact I was just checking out his web site last week!

I think that if they are tastfully done there is no problem - they are very beautiful - but if I were hanging it I think that I would want it in a slightly more private location.

Although - who knows?? If I were beautiful enough to have one done, maybe I would want to show it off!!!!!
I know a photographer that does kwite well. She has said she started doing this on a whim, well it is one of her biggest selling items now. She said women love when they got the little pooch then some even comeback when they are full on. Then if they have done these it is almost a gaurantee that they will comeback for a close up baby image, or in the parents hands or in some kind of loving emabrace with folks-nude.

Hey maybe putting this up on display to show what is going on out there maybe a good idea?

Patrick Leeland
I just recently did a set of baby pictures that were just parts. Little hands and little toes, one of him at the breast. They were just gorgeous.
Did the statue of David for a gentleman 70ish to give his wife for christmas. Have known them for years and he was like a giddy little kid when He picked up the picture. I did him tell about the special cleaning instructions, DO NOT let his wife clean the glass, my wife tried to and David woke up and broke the glass, never saw him laugh so hard. Saw her weeks later said she has not touched the glass but is tempted. Made us all laugh.
I've gotta admit I haven't seen this trend here yet. (Of course, Mark Twain said that if the world were ending he would come here because we are 10 years behind everyone else.)
Anyway, it does sound artistic, and I don't find any of it offensive. The only baby pictures I have found offensive are the ones where they stick a "decorative bow" on the baby's bald head. :rolleyes:
:cool: Rick
A married couple, friends and customers of mine, are both fine art photographers. When she found out she was pregnant with her daughter he decided that it might be interesting to document the pregnancy and infancy. Very tastefully done, and the photos of the infant led him into being one of the most sought after infant portrait photographers in the area. I have a number of works by these two, but none of their pregnancy photos, as they thought them too private (though they are posted conspicuously throughout their home).
I also have a small collection of photographs by Christina Hope. She works with models and props underwater. She began her "angel" series of photos back in 1981 and was selected to be in the annual Nikon publication for that year. She has had shows in New York, Chicago, New Orleans, and Milan, Italy. Her figurative work is ethereal, and a pair of them hang unabashedly flanking two Selby Ornithological prints in my living room.
She made the evening news on time when she was doing some shooting at Marine Land. She had gotten permission to shoot in the main aquarium on a late summers day after the normal closing time. The security guards were to have made sure that all guests had departed the park before the photographer and her model entered the water. They were a little distracted when they learned what was going on (Clem, didja hear...there's gonna be a nekked lady in the fish tank) and a couple visiting the area with their young son were overlooked.
Stories vary, but it seems that the parents were appalled that Junior was exposed to such a display, though while trying to shield his innocent eyes from the sight, Dad managed to get about 20 minutes of tape on the family camcorder.
Film at 11.
Wally, that's funny!

We went on a vacation to Cuba last winter and took our boys with us.

Our oldest was 11 - and there were a couple of European ladies lounging around the pool without any tops on.

Well, Terry and I noticed this but apparently son hadn't yet - so we were keeping our eyes peeled for "the moment"

It was so obvious when it finally happened! LOL! He was like a snail stuck to the side of the pool! LOL!!

I have to admit that I felt a little uncomfortable with it - but I was grateful that at least she wasn't hugely endowed!

Later we teased him and he turned red as a beet over it. One of his friends was going to Florida and kept saying how his trip was going to be so much better, etc, etc. (he likes to brag) because they were going to Nascar, etc.

So we told our son "So - now you can go home and tell "B" what you saw - betcha he didn't see anything as interesting as that!!!"
Got a few 8 x 10 fetish photos last year. Black and white - had a lot of artistic merrit, but they did stay well hidden in the drawer until it was time to frame them