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Weekend computer deal/steal Dell $300 w/s

Mike Labbe

Forum Support Team
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Jun 25, 2002
Lincoln, RI
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Found another one, great for a POS workstation, home, or student pc. This one is $400 BEFORE rebate. FREE shipping. Some people are getting $100 rebates, other people are getting $200 rebates. It depends how generous Dell's web site is feeling at the time of your visit.

Final cost is $300 (or $200 if you get both rebates)

If you don't subtract the monitor, the provided one is a 17" tube type traditional monitor. Not bad for $80 more.

http://www.slickdeals.net for details. This one won't last long.

Pentium® 4 Processor at 2.20GHz with 400MHz front side bus
Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition
Save $100 with mail-in rebate. Price shown before rebate
128MB Shared DDR SDRAM at 333MHz
40GB ATA/100 Value Hard Drive
48x CD ROM Drive *AND* 48x/24x/48x Max CD-RW Drive
Dell Quietkey® Keyboard
Dell® 2-Button Scroll Mouse
Productivity Pack including WordPerfect® and Money®
Integrated Intel® 3D Extreme Graphics
Integrated Audio
Altec Lansing® ADA215 Speakers
56K PCI Data Fax Modem
Integrated 10/100 Ethernet
1 Year Limited Warranty plus 1 Year At-Home Service

PS: This isnt meant to be a commercial post. Just passing along something I found on the net. I don't profit from this.
Dang, that's pretty good. That P4 chip by itself runs around $134. Without XP home I might be able to squeeze in all that for $300, maybe with a 20 gig drive instead too...

I'd really love to know what Dell's actual cost is for the kind of volume they're doing.
This is most likely a negative margin promotion……they will make their money on the up-sell….ie…..extra warranty…printer…camera….or what ever other goodies you would like with your computer….the promotion would be targeted at the first time buyer….Dell can target a promotion with great precision…..though…..a few savvy browsers like Steve will always find this sort of promotion…..Dell don’t mind if some of this promotion end up with the well initiated they would see it as good PR and a way of saying thanks.

Take care guys
Sweet deal, thanks for looking out for us Mike!
Mike…..I’m so sorry………. you are the savvy browser just think it’s hard enough to get a clap on the back in this world…….and have a look at me dishing it out to Steve…….anyway thanks to both of you for your super input on this forum.

Best regards

Wish I had the money. What an excellent price! My computer at home makes a heck of a loud buzzing/humming/vibrating sound when I boot it up. I fear for it's longevity. It is the first computer I ever had, 5 years old. Sniff, sniff.

I hope they run these deals from time to time. I earmarked the site. It is a cool site Mike!

I would also like to take the time to thank you for what you do for this forum. I upgrade you from "Geek" to "Wiz".
:D Yup, yer a good man Mike!
Well, Mike, I posted awhile back that I too appreciated your input on these Dell deals even though you don't always get any response to them. Now you hit one that even I can afford!

(Well, not really, but my buddy, Uncle Visa, can afford it.)

I recently did some beta work on the new FrameReady upgrade and had a rash of problems with page exception faults and terminal page faults, which I never experienced with the program before this new version. I talked to Bert de Roo at FR and he and I went from one end of the program to the other trying to find the problem to no avail. I finally decided that it is my ancient POS computer which was causing the problems. It is a 133Mhz with about 64 meg. of memory, a really outdated machine!!

So I now have one of these packages ordered and, since the rebate gods were good to me, it is costing just over $237.00 with tax! If it lasts a year or so it will be worth THAT much to me to have a faster machine and new XP software. I will probably install my present 20 gig. hard drive in the new computer as a slave drive so I don't have to hassle with moving everything onto the new drive. I guess there will be a spare bay to handle the old hard drive? If not, I will have to buy some transfer software and do it the long way.

Thanks again Mike (I hope), for the good leads on these super blue light specials. I will let you know how it operates when I have about a month or so of use with it.

Glad to help folks. For those who took advantage, you'll be pleased.

Unfortunately it expired last night. There will be more of these before the holiday. If I see any more almost-too-good-to-be-true deals, i'll let ya know.

Thanks, Mike, but do me a favor, please, if you find a better&nbsp deal than this one, post it in Russian, OK??

I have a certain luck with super blue light specials. Directly after I take advantage of one, someone posts a much better deal!!

Although, I don't expect that you will find a better deal than this one in the near future that will suit my needs.

Thanks again.

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Ha, the Babel Fish translated that as:

"Allo greeting is is 4 wills to be confident to to interfere with you knowing when one additional opportunity to come forward this as this one. Auxiliary verb for forming the complex times the highest mark for the class work the great day Mikhail"
I guess a lot was lost in the translation. However, I think that's exactly how Framerguy wants it

Soon to be CMC owner

I think I got the jist? of your post.

(Ya gotta be careful when using those tricky "auxillary verbs for forming the complex"!! They'll getcha in a heap o' trouble!!)

Hey Mike,
Now that I've got this nifty new machine on the way, hows about locating a nice 17" flat screen monitor for under $300.00.

We've grown to expect miracles. :D

(by the way, when I got my confirmation from Dell they had the 2 MIRs listed in the details, I feel like a thief!)

And...I got notification of shipment today. Now how come they can ship a computer for free just a couple of days after I stole it from them, and it took 3 weeks to ship the computer I paid full price for, huh?

edit: typo

[ 11-04-2003, 05:13 PM: Message edited by: wpfay ]
It's amazing that you can get something like that for just over $200

hows about locating a nice 17" flat screen monitor for under $300.00.
I see a couple 17" LCD deals that end today, but they're slightly over $300:

Benq (Acer) 17" LCD Flat Panel FP731 450:1 contrast ratio $389 - auto 15% off - $25 coupon = $306 shipped free

Dell e171fp 17" LCD Flat Panel 350:1 contrast ratio $419 - auto 15% off - $25 coupon = $331.15 shipped free

Details at www.techbargains.net
Now how come they can ship a computer for free just a couple of days after I stole it from them, and it took 3 weeks to ship the computer I paid full price for, huh?
I wouldn't expect that from a company like Dell, but another employee here at Wizard bought a Dell for home and it took a month to get the CPU. The boxes with the peripherals and monitor showed up in a week but the CPU box got lost somewhere. Weird.

I just checked and mine shipped out this morning at 5:15 A.M.

Not only are those boys FAST but they worked ALL NIGHT to get our orders out to us!!! :eek:

If UPS is that fast (HA!!) I already have mine set up in my frame shop and processed 15 framing orders on it!!! ............. NOT!!


That wasn’t fair……I suspect that the story below may have may have something to the with the deal you got….I suspect that the Pentium® 4 processor at 3.20GHz will soon be the default processor from Dell……..

How’s this for speed from the time Dell down load an order to the production line from start to finish if my memory is serving me right production is counted in minutes……to give you an example of the volume that Dell ship….one of their main supplies of flat screens is increasing their production lines by three just to keep up with demand….these new lines will be ready in eighteen months……don’t expect any great bargains on flat screens till then……there is a worldwide lack of production for flat screens at present.


The delay on the computer you paid full price for…..was most likely caused by a component which you had included going EOL (end of life) un-expectantly …….this happen even to Dell from time to time……or there may have been a quality problem with a component that was included…..Dell will delay orders rather than ship if there is a question of quality…..as a matter of interest did you get any communication about the delay……as a rule Dell will quote about five working days for delivery.


What can I say about the box with the CPU going missing……..sorry….”s*it happens now and then…..”Warning this is not an official Dell response”……..Dell’s customer care people do work very hard…….unfortunately despite their best efforts….things don’t always get sorted in a timely manner.

Dell Offers Customers Next-Generation Intel Processor
Monday November 3, 11:03 am ET
Pentium 4 Extreme Edition to Benefit High-Performance Users, Gamers, Enthusiasts
ROUND ROCK, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 3, 2003--Dell Inc. (Nasdaq:DELL - News)
The fastest Intel processor is now available on Dimension(tm) XPS desktops and Dell(tm) Precision(tm) 360 workstations.
This new processor, the Pentium® 4 processor at 3.20GHz with HT Technology Extreme Edition features a large 2MB level 3 cache along with Hyper-Threading(tm) (HT) technology. It offers ultra high-end users performance benefits across a range of applications, from digital content creation to 3-D gaming.
"This is another example of how Dell offers customers access to the latest technology that pushes the performance envelope," said Tim Mattox, vice president of client marketing, Dell Product Group. "With this processor, Precision workstation customers can run complex programs -- like those found in engineering design centers and digital visualization studios -- faster, potentially improving productivity. Dimension XPS users will enjoy the performance boost when running processor-intensive 3-D games and other high-end applications."
The single-processor Dell Precision 360 workstation offers customers the fastest Intel Pentium 4 processors available and an array of workstation-class AGP 8X and AGP 8X Pro50 graphics solutions, certified on the industry's leading workstation applications for some of the best 2- and 3-D performance available. Complete product details can be found at www.dell.com/precision.
The Dimension XPS desktop is designed for gamers and enthusiasts. In addition to the latest Intel processor technology, the Dimension XPS provides an innovatively designed chassis with a 460W power supply, integrated RAID capability, integrated Intel PRO/1000 gigabit ethernet(a), advanced graphic card options like ATI's 256MB Radeon(tm) 9800 XT, plus memory and hard drive options to help maximize performance. Additional details can be found at www.dell.com/dimension.

Take care guy's

...and it arrived today via UPS...

And I spent all day in Biloxi sitting in a waiting room!! I didn't get back until dark and didn't notice any UPS tag on my shop door. I picked up my dog at the shop next door and made a track for home.


If you were working with a 133 Mhz in your shop for the last 6 years you would be more cheerful about getting such an upgrade!! :D

I guess that 2.2 Ghz will suit me for the next 6 years, at least.

But, I appreciate the timely information anyway.

Good luck with the new kit guy’s..


Don’t knock 2.2GHz…….best I have is a 1.7……. 2.2 is more than adequate for most people….unless you are thinking about doing some online gaming….or high end graphics…..it is just a matter of policy and marketing that Dell will always default to the best options on the Dimension and Inspiron lines…….Latitudes and Optiplex are for those who want to be able to road map their computer requirements for at least 3 to 5 years

As a BTW…I had a bit of spare RAM for my note book which I put in yesterday….I’m astonished at the improvement….I went from 256 to 384 RAM…what a difference…..I must get another 256 and bring it up to 512 RAM……I know I posted before about the improvement extra Ram could make but I was a bit dubious about the whole thing…..well I have being very wrong on this occasion……what is it they say “contempt prior to investigation”……shame on you Dermot

Anyway have fun

I upgraded to a Dell 4800 P4 2.2 about 22 months ago when I got my POS. This one is for my daughter. Should last her through high school at any rate, then she can buy her own. I think that a notebook is pretty much standard equipment for college freshmen...to think it used to be a spiral binder and 2 sharpened No.2 pencils.

I went to the web site you recommended and didn't really have time to peruse the whole thing, but it looks as if good deals abound. Thanks for the tip.
Wally: I see a few more great deals today only on 17" LCDs around the $300 range (with free shipping)

Dell E171FPb 17" LCD Monitor $321
ViewSonic VG700b 17" LCD $338
NEC/Mitsubishi LCD7V 17" LCD $312

Details and coupon codes at www.slickdeals.net
Thanks again Mike...The Dell monitor should be here by the middle of next week and my daughter will be a happy camper once again....well at least in the computing department. She has been forced (poor thing) to use Lotus Office Suite for all her word processing for the least 2 years and will now be able to transport projects back and forth to the school's computers.

I know I sound like a broken record, but its really hard to believe that I can get a fairly powerful computer and monitor for less than $600.00. My first computer was a 486SE66 and cost more than 4 times what I'm spending here, and that was in early 90's dollars!

Thanks again.
Great news for anyone who took advantage of that $300 computer deal mentioned above. It will only cost you $200 now, because they are allowing BOTH $100 rebates:

Dell made an official post on their forums saying they will honor both the $100 rebates for the $200 Dimension 2400 deal posted last Friday.


Thanks Mike, both were available when I ordered my computer so I just checked both boxes and they sent them with the machine.


I need a serial port to serial port cable to use the transfer program that comes with XP. I don't recall ever seeing any of these cables at Wally World or Best Buy or the other discount computer depts. Where does one go to buy one of these gems? According to the directions for transferring files from one hard drive to the other, you need to hook both computers to each other through the serial ports and run the program.

Any ideas??

CompUSA should have them, but that method was mostly from the 80's. (Laplink, etc) They are often called "null modem cables". The reason is because serial connections are slow. It could take a day to transfer a whole machine this way, depending what you are transferring.

Does the old machine have a cd burner or network card? If you have network cards in both machines, it's fairly easy and fast to transfer your data over that way.

If there isn't a LOT of data, it may make sense to "borrow" the cd burner from your new machine and throw it in the old one just for the purpose of making some CDs that contain your data. (The POS, the MY DOCUMENTS folder, etc.) You'll need top install the Dell provided CD burner software too, if you do this.

Depending on the POS, you may have to call the vendor to get activation codes and/or instructions for proper installation.

I thought about doing that (switching the CD burner) but the case on the new Dell is pop riveted&nbsp together instead of screwed on! I was worried about voiding the warranty by drilling out the pop rivets and installing screws to replace the cover.

I will check around and see if I can come up with an external burner from somebody.

Thanks for the info.


Have another look, the case should come apart without drilling out the “Pop Rivets”……the Dimension I have (less than a year old)….opens up like a clam shell from the back…….for service etc……..it is highly unlikely that Dell used pop rivets.

Is it a black/grey case with big Dell logos on the sides? Dell describe this as a tower unit…it should open from the back.



Follow this link for a full view of the desktop http://www1.us.dell.com/content/products/productdetails.aspx/dimen_2400?c=us&cs=04&l=en&s=bsd&~tab=viewstab

And this one http://www1.us.dell.com/content/products/productdetails.aspx/dimen_2400?c=us&cs=04&l=en&s=bsd&~page=2&~tab=viewstab

Jean has just corrected me it is the side that slides back and pops out…..sorry about that.


[ 11-07-2003, 10:27 AM: Message edited by: Dermot ]
The Dells are EXTREMELY friendly for adding and removing components. Look for some green plastic tabs on the side of the drive. Squeeze them and the drive should slide right out, with no tools or screws to remove. (just unplug the 2 wires first)