wedding favors out of mats????


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Mar 21, 2006
north west washington
I'm new to this site so forgive any tactical errors. I have a frame shop and have a daughter getting married, with all my mat scraps there has to be a unique way to make wedding favors ...I do have a wizard anyone have any 'cute or otherwise great ideas to save me some bucks......father with fading check book......write to thanks a bunch, gary
I feel your pain Mitch, my daughter is getting married also and as a single mom the fading check book has almost disappeared! How about a mini double matted picture of the couple with a hole punched at one end, and a tulle bag of hershey's kisses tied to it with a ribbon? Its almost midnight, so its a suggestion from a very tired mind! My daughter is doing wine glass charms, she found them on the internet and they were about $1.50 for a little pak of 6,
You could cut some hearts out of the mat board, gild them and tie them to that bag of kisses.

I have to say, I don't see the point in wedding favors, but then I hardly remember my own wedding.
Not helping with all of your mat scraps, but at daughter #1's wedding, we brought mini pewter frames at wholesale for about 60 cents each and used them as placecards/favors.

Still looking for ideas for daughter #2 which is coming like a freight train.....June 17th
This is why, since she was a tiny infant, I've been whispering in Sarah's ear while she sleeps, "Elope. Elope. Elope."

I don't understand the concept of wedding favors for guests when, in most cases, you're already wining and dining them. They're damned lucky just to be invited.

(Oh, I see Jo already said that, sort of.)
I also sell wedding invitations, favors, etc. :D

1. You could make bookmarks--cut the mat 2" X 6", punch hole at top, write something short like "We are sincerely grateful for your presence here today--you have made our joy in marriage even more complete!" Mr. & Mrs. _________________ and the date. A quicker way would be to computer print the message on large clear labels. You can also use a small drill bit to make the holes through a stack of mats.

2. Another idea is to make magnets. Cut the mat to about business card size, glue magnet(sold at Wally World) on back. Again use clear or white mailing labels with the couples' new "at home" address and phone number. While you are in the craft section, look at the scrapbook stickers--cute bride, groom, wedding collections.

Hope this helps! Good luck!
Maryann, my daughter is getting married on the 17th also! Her younger sister (by 8 minutes) got married two years ago.

First (1st to get married that is) daughter did Coffee mugs with coffee and tea packets in them. As I recall they put gold stickers with the wedding details on white mugs. Her thinking was they'd all pull the sticker off and have an ok white coffee mug? I don't get involved in these discussions.

Second (but oldest) daughter has decided to buy "Feed the Hungry" rubber bracelets, make a donation to the cause and provide a bracelet and "explanation sheet" for each guest. She'll be ordained as a Lutheran Paster the same month she is getting married. Can you tell?
I forgot to mention to tie a tassel through the hole in the bookmark.
Be real, you'd be brokenhearted if Sarah eloped. Just think of all the fun you'd miss! All the decisions, the hundred dollars with wings, the fights....

I don't see the point of favors either. They're a cheap trinket ($1-$2 times 150 guests) that get thrown away when the person gets home - or they get left on the table.

Cliff, I like the idea of the bracelets. Maybe I'll propose that - at least someone benefits.
You could layer two or three mat boards with the bevel showing on the outer edges of the piece - and top with an opening with a quote and the names printed on a nice paper to coordinate. And create a little easel back so it stands.

I think favors can be overrated, too, but I have received some nice ones but still like ours the best: we had both been previously married and we had shot glasses imprinted with our name, date and "The Second Shot"!! So popular, someone even stole the extras that were in a box in the coatroom!!
I must say that when my daughter got married, she had Princess Di's wedding in mind

And, just as soon as I got over worrying about the money did I really enjoy the entire event immensely

It's kind of like the argument that we often use when explaining why our customer should get that 22K frame. You know the enjoyment of the project will far outlast the expense

She's been married almost 6 yrs and we still remember fondly that great event.

I appreciate that everyone has financial lmitations, but extending that a bit will probably have a lifetime of enjoyment. I still bump into guests that tell me what a great time they had.

What's the old expression about you can't take it with you?
No matter how much planning and expense you put into an event like that, it always seems to go by so quickly. Anything to extend the memories is probably a good idea.
I tend to save things from events I attend, and it always brings a smile to my face when I'm going through a drawer looking for something and I come across a place card or pack of matches with the bride & groom's names embossed on it.
:rolleyes: Rick
P.S.: The smile effect only works if the couple is still married.