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Jul 30, 1997
Yes, I made the collage from snapshots taken at a wedding. No Professional photo's were used. The final print was printed at 13 x 19 on a Epson 2000p archival printer. It was so well received they went full boat on framing. 2970 La Marche, mats 4ply rising white, gold fillet.
Package deal at $ 1,000.00 but it took to much time.


The tones of mat and image, were fiddled with to show off the letters. The white in the mat matches the white in the photo.

Way cool. I especially like the white on white letters. I never thought of that!!! I usually just put photos behind the letters. Now you're gonna make me have to create some new samples! THANX for the idea, framer!
By package deal do you mean framing + the Collage?
How long did it take to create the collage?
It does look fantastic! If I had access to that type of printer I may have to do a Derby Collage.
That's correct, the collage took 20 hours to scan and correct all the images. I had thought it would only take about 10 hours. If I ever am approached again to do another, I will only do it if they have a photoCD made at time of processing.(or they will pay by the hour) This would cut the time down considerably.

The frame was straight forward with a CMC. I estimate it at $500 - $550.


Just lower case letters. Some only use half the height of others.


Very nice concept and work. Those scan/correct/print jobs always seem to go on and on and on.............
Remember this was 6 years ago that Framer posted this. Back then cut letters were relatively new and just doing them at all was a big deal.
Wow! Picture Frame Design is really cookin' this week!

Such a lot of work, Bill. Kudos.
This was done in Aug 2001, I'd just gotten the Wizard 5000 It was state of the art make then. Have times changed!!