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Jun 13, 2002
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Any advice on where to start? I have secured my domain name. Had built a nice web on PowerPoint til I realized Front Page is for websites. But now the "host" I have says I have to use his builder... but it has been so difficult to even gt the name transferred so that I can use his (a friend of my husband's)... I am ready to cry. I need step by step info.... Thanks for any help.

Alot of places will try to let newcomers believe that the only way to build a site is to use thier tools... hogwash!

What you need is an FTP program (search for them on google, alot of people like cuteFTP but there are others). Once you have that all you need is your server's domain, your username and your password.

It'll look something like this:



Plug that into your FTP program and any HTML file you create can be uploaded to your server... You want to the main one "index.html" which will be the page visitors see when they come to your URL. Very rarely you'll encounter a webhost that requires the "index.html" page to be created by thier tools exclusively... in that case I just skip it and use a "home.html" as my mainpage.

I use frontpage and it works very well for this type of work... frontpage has a uploading mechanism that I never liked so I stick with the FTP route, but either way don't get suckered into believing you have to use the web hosts tools...

Jason, thank you. I did, however, have some luck with my new server/host. Doesn't look quite as artsy as I would like - but the info is OUT THERE!! Check is out...

Thanks again, Roz

There is a company called Art Affairs that does a wonderful job of creating, hosting, and maintaining web sites. You choose how much work you want them to do. They have template designs or will do complete custom work from scratch. I have been very impressed with their professionalism, their creativity, and their prices. Although we are a software company, web site design is becoming such a specialty we have contracted with them to do some work on our new site. Their web address is and their toll free number is 877 307-7891.

Hope this is helpful.