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Nov 5, 1997
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After 6-7 months intermittent work, my new website is up and running.

Make sure your sound is turned on and go to:

Please report any bugs or suggestions! (The contact form is not working yet, but there is an email link)
It's cool! Usually I don't like websites that make noises and go through animations, but yours are interesting enough, and load fast enough to be entertaining rather than annoying.

I especially like the nav bar xylophone.

Overall, I think you have a good combination of businesslike, yet creative.
Very, very nice!

One of the most interesting sites I have been on in a long time.

I am running high speed cable broadband and the “pop-in” floating boxes go quickly, but I wonder how quickly they would appear with dial up?

The fading of mouse-overs with sound is interesting. My only suggestion would be to add a mouse-click so that the images of your framing become enlarged in their own windows so that you can examine them in some detail.

Other than that, your site is suburb!