Website Launched Today

Looks great. I'll look forward to you adding more examples. The site looks clean and fresh and seems to mirror the feel of the shop. (By the way that is the cleanest back room I've seen in a long time. Is it always like that?)
Ok, so at first blush...

Nice little flash bit on the homepage. Make sure it behaves sensibly for people who don't have flash.

Layout is ok graphically. I'd like to see some more specifics as to what services you offer. As a potential customer, I'd be curious. It looks like a decent store, but if I don't already have something in mind that I'm sure you could do, I might be tempted to look elsewhere. The gallery page needs work. Not only do you not have very many examples of your work, the next 3 and prev 3 buttons don't really do anything.

Not sure why you have an "admin login" button on the homepage. Seems to me that would be a security risk.

So not bad, for a start. Still needs a little fleshing out.
How do you keep the back room/basement so CLEAN?

Site looks great!
Less likes it.
Looks very crisp; Under your newsletter, the punctuation is off when I read it. There are question marks throughout the text-is that my computer behaving badly?
I really like the colors you chose-very inviting on the home page; it made me want to go to your other pages as well.
Great point about the artwork staying in your gallery.
Very nice. Welcoming color selections. Your point is that you frame memories.

Newsletter page has at least one typo (artsist should be artist). The apostrophies are question marks. I didn't read all through the newsletter page because of the multiple errors -(too much eye work...).

Overall, Good job!
On the newsletter page I deleted the Holiday framing section. Is everyone seeing question marks instead of apostrophies? I've checked this on 3 different systems and so far it looks O.K. on this end. I'd like to find out why it's doing this.

The animation is subtle and pleasing.

My browsers (IE and NN for Mac) had no problems with the apostrophes that others are noting.

Oddly enough, the text on the newsletter page showed up as white over green on Netscape Navigator, but a greenish gray over green on Explorer.

My only criticism is that the background for text is a little too bold against the text which is a little too pale. I believe that it would be slightly easier to read if the contrast was a bit stronger.
Very nice! I like the flash animation. I don't get the ? on my computer. What a nice storefront you have.
Scott -
Looks great!
Liked your choice of colors - pleasing to the eye.
Your use of "flash" is simple & to-the-point and gets the idea across to a potential customer that might not be aware of "object" framing.
DUKE! Rad on the Board. It's hangin'.

The rest of the site is nice to.

Tressles is where my long gun and I parted ways....

The opening (Home) page is attractive and inviting to the viewer, and the flash use is balanced well with the overall page.

The title is excellent, but I note that you have no description and no keywords on the home page? If you want people to find you, you need all!

Remember that your name at the top in graphics is great for human visitors, but search engines do not see any grahics and pictures. All they see is this...

At Coastal FrameWorks, we believe that if it's worth saving, it's worth framing. So whether it's a work of art, a favorite photo, a valued document or diploma,or simply a personal item you want to display, we can create a custom frame solution that's right for you.

Coastal FrameWorks
34118 Pacific Coast Hwy
Dana Point, CA
Phone (949) 234-1254

Since there is minimal copy, my guess is that your "About Us" page may be found by search engines quicker than your home page on standard framing searches.

Contact Page: You have the fill-in form but no regular email to respond to. You may loose some people because of this.

Administrative Page: Why is the hyperlink on the home page visible to the public? Ask your IT people to create a unique Admin page for you to visit.

For more ideas, please read my artcile in the August & September 2005 issues of PFM.

Thanks for all the feedback. It has been really helpful. Still working on gallery, but now has a more consistent feel.

John - My next step is to optimize my site locally for search engines. I like your point about having my email with the fill-in form. I'll be adding that. The hyperlink will also be removed from the homepage.

Thanks again!
I get one question mark. It's in the sentence: Even that item you don't think... the ' in don't comes out as a ? in a black diamond.
I agree... the copy needs to be darker. Green on green isn't strong enough to read easily.
I guess you have removed the admin button as it isn't there.

Other than that, it's a nice start to a good, clean looking site. I look forward to seeing it as you fill it out. I'm still trying to figure out what I want in mine whenever I get it started.

You know you can correct the fisheye effect on the photo of the
frame wall in photoshop.
Here is another thought about the newsletter. Break it up more. Create new paragraphs so the piece isn't one large block of type. It is alot easier to read with spaces every so often.
plus... these should be one sentence:

A special letter, poem or card are also perfect for framing. As are a child's finger-painting or drawing and a wedding invitation or bouquet.

the sentence: As are... is not a complete sentence so get rid of the period after framing and make it small a in as and it will read more smoothly. Also, get rid of the and after drawing... just a comma there will work better and... all perfect instead of also perfect.

My remake:

A special letter, poem or card are all perfect for framing as are a child's finger-painting or drawing, a wedding invitation or bouquet.

Also how about instead of this: Even that item you don't think can be framed, probably can. change probably can to: we definitely can! Tell them how confident you are and probably doesn't do that.

Other than THAT... I really do like it.