Web site Framing Design Software


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Oct 18, 2005
Hey All,

I did a search here and didn't come up with any returns for information on web site framing design software.

I'm looking for something like what is used at art.com. And I was wondering if anyone is using such a software, or if someone might make a recommendation.

To my knowledge there is not web design software specific to the picture framing industry. I betcha the creators of the “art.com” site used something like DreamWeaver or Adobe GoLive. Without looking too closely at it, “artframer.com” seems like an add-on (like MIVA).

I might suggest your doing a search (at the top of the page). Look for words like “DreamWeaver” or “web design” in several of the forums. This topic has been discussed several times in the past.
Hi Don, I make software that will allow you to demo the finished product. It isn't on a website, but will run locally and you can connect to a certain website to download prints. It is affordable @ $119 for the first computer at a site. You can try a 45 day demo.

Hi Don

I am a web developer and have built complete solutions for two other clients. I am in the process of putting together a package version that will offer e-commerce website the database creation of your product and the ability to frame the art with your framing materials. The site comes with a complete admin to manage products, Frames and orders.
If you would like more information please contact me through this forum.
Is this what everyone is looking for?