WCAF Trade Show class input

Sherry Lee

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 25, 2002
Phoenix, Az.
I haven't seen the class schedule yet for the Jan., 2006 WCAF Trade Show, but for all of you that have taken classes in the past, what class/speaker was FIVE-STAR for you?...one that you felt really helped you a lot with your framing, business, art and/or marketing skills!
I'll share my experiences

Take any class that Nona presents; it's as much theatre as education. She is simply as good as it gets

Jim Miller's class on Shadow Boxes and Mylar will pay dividends forever

Marc Bluestone offers a non-preaching appreciation of most small frameshop's problems with a clear experiences

There are many more excellent classes (and some barking spiders,too) at this "Best of Industy" Trade/Education Seminar

Jay's Pricing Class (It's usually free) is certainly worth your effort, too
This reflect classes that I have taken and represent the opinion of me, as a satisfied student.

And, I am not an easy attendee
To add to Bob's list of classes, of which I'm usually an audience member. Be sure and take Rob Markoff's and Laurie Bluestone's class, All these are well worth the time, effort and cost of the classes, which are actually very nominal compared to the knowledge and help you receive.

Here are a few general suggestions about going to a trade show...

First, consider a trade show trip to be an investment of your precious time and money, and make the most of it.

Second, plan. Read the class descriptions carefully, compare the content and the instructors, and make informed decisions about which classes are best for you. If you have questions, contact the instructor and ask.

Third, take advantage of the opportunities to meet and connect with other framers. Socialize. Acquaintances made at these events may develop into personally rewarding long term friendships.

Fourth, retention is important. Get a good night's sleep before a day of classes. Take notes and keep the class outlines/handouts for later reference. Getting it in class is not enough -- you need to be able to take it home and put it to work in your daily business.

One more thought:
Between classes, patronize the exhibitors who spend huge amounts of their time and money to bring their wares to the trade show. They subsidize the classes that attract so many framers to WCAF and the other trade shows. They need us, we need them.
Great points, Jim

Another point, if I may?

Do not be afraid to ask questions

I way too often see peope that don't get it and go home without clarification. Most of we instructors enjoy questions and hope that it breaks the monotony of just listening to us.

I'll guarantee that the question you might be afraid to ask is probably relevant to others in the class, also

Yes, Sherry-I'm scheduled for two classes,but I am also available for lunches, weddings and Bar Mitzvahs cheap
May I add that the Industry Breakfast on Wednesday was invaluable with the panel discussion. I missed it two years ago and vowed I would not miss it ever again.
Just my two cents...
I'm SO glad I asked this question!! Great input!

Jim.....are you giving any classes on Mylar encapsulation?

Bob.....do you SING?

Julia...thanks for the heads up on the Industry Breakfast! Will look for you!
The class devoted exclusively to clear film mounts will not be presented at WCAF, but clear film mounts for 3-dimensional objects are covered in The Complete Guide to Shadowboxes and Framing Objects. Each student in the hands-on workshop sessions will create a clear film book mount.
I wonder why WCAF opted not to do a class on 'clear film mounts'. That is a subject that is questioned a LOT on HH's and TG! It was one of the main reasons I planned to attend WCAF this year - so I could take that class.

Disappointing news, for sure!

I'm glad the 3-D will be covered in the shadowbox class - NEED flat though!! Any chance they would add it on? Who should I contact.

Thanks Jim!
Hi Sherry-Can't speak for other educators, but every year I spend a little time with Ms Salmon and we discuss the pro's and con's of the past show classes.

They seek my input and if I want to change things or have any ideas of new classes or if attendance was less than expected,they may not wish to continue that offering. I did a Business Plan class that had a gret crowd, but we all agreed that it was probably at best, a one time offering

Take Jim's class and I'm certain you will get a great "dose" of mylar. He is the King. Besides,once you learn a few tricks, you can go home and experiment

That is the real value of these classes

I must say that I have never met an educator that wasn't tickled pink with the treatment we all receive from PFM. They are the real Pro's of the Education game
One class that is NOT on the schedual, is the on-going demo and hands-on fabric wrapping that Frank and I will be doing all three days at the booth. Stop on by, if only to say hi, and stay for the education & fun.

If you do the hands on, you will walk away with at minimum a mat and liner leg that YOU wrapped. At best you have new skills that translate in to new and stronger dollars when you are in your shop.

Originally posted by Sherry Lee:
I wonder why WCAF opted not to do a class on 'clear film mounts'...
Two reasons, I guess. (1) That class is often offered at PPFA chapter & regional meetings, and (2) WCAF ran out of schedule for classes by Jim.

The entire class schedule should be up on the PFM web site sometime Friday. Because so many classes sell out quickly, I suggest booking your choices ASAP after registration opens.

Y'all come.