WCAF Las Vegas Jan 22 - 25th, 2006

Rob Markoff

PFG, Picture Framing God
Mar 8, 1999
San Diego, CA USA
Wow! I was talking to the Director of Education for the WCAF National Conference in Las Vegas in January and it looks like it will be another fantastic show - with some exciting new classes. The schedule is going to the printer and should be out next month.

Here's a heads up. There is a block of rooms at the Hilton for $99. Call 800 732-5111 and ask for the WCAF discount - code SWCA6R.

Sure there are probably other places in Las Vegas that are less expensive, but the convenience of being able to walk back to your room even for a few minute break, or especially at the end of the day after classes or the show is something to consider. The hotel will charge one night to your CC at the time of reservation and there is a 14 day cancellation policy.

And, the limo for the 4th annual Chinese Dinner will depart from the lobby of the Hilton on Tuesday Jan 24th!
I thought they announced they were changing venues this time.

In any case My wife & I are in for dinner, since we have been to all the others.
I have so far missed every dinner but this time, no matter what Joe and I will be there. Looking forward to it.
Thanks for the heads up Rob. Count me in for this Chinese dinner, it will be my first also. I seem to have always missed it in the past.

If I go - I'll go

What I mean is , I'd love to go on the diner if I go all the way to LV
Just booked our flights and hotel. Lousie and myself will be coming in Saturday night and staying thru Wed.

Count us in for Dinner as well. More info I assume will be forth coming, such as exact time and place.

Have we got Grumbler Badges or color ribbons, so we can identify each other in classes and on the show floor before meeting Tuesday night for Dinner? Where is everyone meeting up?

See you all there!
For everyone who is interested in the 4th Annual West Coast Art And Framing Expo Chinese Dinner Extravaganza-

As the date gets nearer, I will tell you how/where to find me at the show before Tuesday night. I will have limo tickets for a $20 deposit per person available for only the number of people the limo will hold - which is about 26. After that amount, I will have a second group of tickets. Depending on how many people we have that still want to come, we will either call a second limo (and share the cost amongst ALL of us) or the rest of the people can take a series of taxis.

The rules for the evening remain the same- we sit at tables for 8. Everyone orders a dish that they share with the table on a big lazy susan- the person who orders the dish getting first helpings.

All food and drink (including beer) is added to the bill for the TABLE. The restaurant adds the gratuity and the bill is rounded UP to the easiest amount divided by the number of people at the table. PERIOD! (No, but you had three beers and I only had egg rolls). Every time we have done this, there is food left over and the most expensive bill per person is about $20 for some of the best, most authentic Chinese food you have ever had.

Every year we add more tables to the group. One day we will take over the entire restaurant! We are usually the only non-asians in the place and they usually bring in a high school student or two to help with the translation.

If you have questions, please post them here and I will respond.
You WOULD say that, Baer!
Don't make the same mistake I did.

I signed up and paid for my classes the other day, and today while looking thru United 95th Anniversary Catalogue I found their coupon for a Buy One Class, Get One Free Offer! for the Las Vegas Show.

Very nice of you United!

So for anyone still buying their classes it is code UMSNC, you of course get the cheaper second class for free.
Our flight leaves Vegas Tuesday night at 8pm, so we won't be able to make it.

It sounds like we're missing a GREAT tradition!
Please count Mike and Colleen Kennedy in on the party. Don't know where we are staying but we
will be there for the annual dinner.
Well, I'm booked. And, I made sure I fly home on Wednesday so I could make the dinner! Should be fun! love chinese!

In the past I always rented a car in Vegas, but was not planning on it this tme. What does everyone else do?
the monorail to the strip, taxis everywhere else.
Originally posted by FrameMakers:
the monorail to the strip, taxis everywhere else.
NO Dave, LIMO, same as last year. You and your lovely wife ARE coming to dinner again, Yes?
That's just 1 night Bear. I don't plan on sitting in my room the rest of the time.
Oh, that's right.. you two are "Attendees", you don't have to sleep...

Will be good to see you two again. :D

I won't be buying $700 of books this year.. so I might get out of the room a bit too...
Have just made my reservations for the show in Las Vegas...I'd love to attend the dinner on Tuesday evening if there is any room left. I have been a "lurker" in here for a long time--it would be fun to put some faces to the names I've been reading for so long. Is there somewhere in particular we go to sign up?
Hi everyone-

I am thrilled that so many are expressing an interest in my 4th annual Chinese Dinner Bash. I am also excited to have as many of you that can join us for dinner come. While this is not "the" OFFICIAL Grumbler's dinner, everyone is invited subject to the following-

Here's the story:

Four years ago I was given a tip by someone who knows Las Vegas well about this restaurant that is WAY off the strip that serves a mostly asian client base. I gathered a few select friends and we had a wonderful time. Each year I invited a few more people; many are industry leaders, educators, vendors and sales reps. As word spread, the number of people joining me grew. Last year we rented the largest limo in Las Vegas to take us there and back. Some felt is was a bit crowded, so while I have the limo on reserve, I am also looking at a limo bus.

Every time we have been there, we have been the only non-asians in the place and they have brought in some high school students to help us with communication. I make the arrangements and
we sit at round tables for 8 and there is a lazy susan in the middle. This is some of the best Chinese food I have ever had anywhere.

Here are my "rules" for attendance:

1. Since I am on the hook for the limo, just saying you want to go isn't enough because last year at the last minute, people cancelled and if there weren't more people than room, I would have been stuck for the limo. So, if you want to go in the limo, check my schedule and see when I am teaching at the WCAF Expo, or find me on the trade show floor, or find my wife, Barbara who will be working as a monitor for the classes and BUY A LIMO TICKET. The "initial cost" is $20 per person. Based on the number of people we actually have, and what the final cost is, we will determine if the $20 covers the limo/limo bus and tip, but based on last year, it should. Heck, a cab to and from the Hilton to the Mandalay Bay is more.

We will only sell as many tickets as we have room for in the limo and or limo bus. If we have more people than space in the first limo, we can either hire another or have it make two trips. The final cost will be divided between everyone.
Alternatively, you can share a cab. There will be plenty of space at the restaurant if you show up on your own. We will have directions printed up because most cab drivers do not know where this place is.

2. If you come with a spouse/significant other/close friend, please be sure to also sit with someone you do not know. I actually prefer that spouses don't sit together so we all get to meet more people, but all I ask is that you make an effort to introduce yourself to someone new.

3. Everyone orders a dish of their choosing and they get first helpings. Then the dish goes on the lazy susan and everyone at the table can taste everyone's selection. Since there are at least 8 per table, there is PLENTY of food. There are aquariums along the wall and you can make fresh seafood selections along with other things on the menu you may be more familar with. The prices are very reasonable. At the end of the evening, the restaurant will add up the bill for the table, INCLUDING ALL DRINKS, add a gratuity, and then the bill will be rounded up by the table to an amount easily divisible by the number at the table. PERIOD. There will be no, "but I only had egg rolls and you had two beers."

If this arrangement makes you uncomfortable, please do not join us. In the past three years, the most expensive table was $23 per person TOTAL with drinks and tip and we all left food on the table! By Las Vegas standards this is a real bargin.

We will meet at 7:00 PM in the motor lobby of the Hilton. (Where you usually get a cab).
Back to the top, just in case anyone missed it.

Rob, we appreciate your work in planning this event. Gail & I will look you up and buy two of those limo tickets.
Is there still room at the dinner? I decided I couldn't pass up Paul Frederick's Birthday Party, and then as long as I am there...