watercolour paper on board


Grumbler in Training
Feb 20, 2005

I have a customer who has come to me to have 2 paintings her grandmother did framed with UV glass and ragboard. These are sentimentally valuable and she wants to hang them in her house. The paper they are painted is not of a high quality and has become quite brittle. The catch is, upon opening the frame, her aunty has glued one on mdf and one on masonite.

Her budget does not allow any sort of removal by a conservator so it appears the only option is to sink mat them with the best materials possible.

Please give me you opionions.

When faced with artwork such as this I usually try to get as much Artcare into the package as possible - mats on top and Artcare foam behind. There's not much else you can do without a conservator. At least this solution is better than pulp matting and brown corrugated backing!

Good luck!
I gotta go with Mar on this one too. LOTS of Artcare... not sure I would even waste the space on foam.. just more Artcare.. plenty of Zeolite.