watercolors on artcare matboard...


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Feb 15, 2005
Western Wisconsin
I am wondering if any of you will know the answer to this question...if I watercolor designs on my ARTCARE mats, will that alter or compromise the conservative quality if the matboard? And if I do an inlayed mat that I have done watercolor on, will THAT change the quality? I have backed the inlay with Philmoplast...and I used Grumbacher watercolers, FYI...
From what I've been told, the water based pigments (watercolor, gouache, and acrylic) are all pretty much inert when dry.
The only problem I've had using watercolors on Artcare involves the ones not in the Vellum series. I have had the watercolors do some funky things which I can only attribute to the zeolite chemistry in Artcare. When applying a wash the pigments will concentrate in small spots resulting in a panel that looks like it has the measles. Haven't had that problem with the Artcare Vellum boards.
Good to know, Wally...thanks!
What wally is describing sounds like used to happen, when one tried to do a wash panel on rag
board and there was little sizing in the board.
The wash was drawn to spots of something in the
board and what one got "freckles" of color.
It may be that the "Vellum" boards have more sizing.