Watercolor paper/MixedMedia Mounting???


Sep 6, 2005
Port Chester, NY & Stamford, CT
An artist came in today with two of her framed pictures. They were both MixedMedia (Acrylic paints heavily mixed with sand for texture and dimension) and applied on only "140# Arches Watercolor Paper". The previous framer hinged and mounted them with a covering 4ply mat in a frame. Now due to a)the weight centered in the picture!! and; b) temperature changes?? the picture/watercolor paper is warping/buckling along the edges of the mat! I would have expected this if I was the original framer but now she want to know if I can fix it??

Anybody have any ideas short of sealing down the edges ... I think that would only make the picture buckle more due to the weight?

I find that artists rarely give any thought to the presentation of their "creativity"!!
Assuming that the art work is far from flat and irreversible, why not float it? Expose the edges and use a deep frame with proper spacing. If your customer is the artist, maybe it's not too late to deckle the edges...
140# watercolor paper is pretty light. It only comes one lighter grade (90#) Now if she had used 400# paper it probably wouldn't have buckled in the first place. If she is the artist, tell her to use some of her acrylic gel medium and stick it down to, I dunno, sheetrock or something. OK, Gatorboard or Masonite. Or you could just cut another mat and float it over the old one with a goodly spacer... (why is it we always have to solve OTHER's problems?) Tired Ellen