Washi Framing Tape


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Feb 19, 2002
Anyone else get a sample of this tape in the mail recently? Looks to be like Filmoplast tape but made in Japan. The sample came from Japan and the price list has everything priced in Yen. You must fax your CC# for an order and it takes over a month for shipping.

According to the exchange rate on June 6 (when this was sent) the price is 14.99 a roll.

Who would order this???????
The important question is what kind of adhesive is
on the tape. Is it pressure-sensitive, water-activated, derived from starch or is it a polymer?

Knowing that, the whole group of question that pertain to the use of pressure-sensitive adhesives
with paper come up: plasticizers, tackifiers, long
term stability, potential staining, oxidization,
removability. If one wanted a pressure sensitive
adhesive on Washi, Lascaux 360 (which is flexible
and tacky due to its copolymer design and has no
significant additives) can be painted onto the
tissue, polyethylene sheet can be applied to the
dried adhesive, and that can be cut into strips.
That said, cooked starch is a far safer adhesive.

Got mine yesterday--straight from Japan! :confused: Someone got someone's mailing list, uh?
or did I miss the source in a past thread?