Warped Frames


Grumbler in Training
Oct 1, 2004
Hi Everyone

Just wanting a bit of help..... As usual....

Not too sure what is happening, but when I join my frames together using my foot operated underpinner, and layed on a flat surface, the frame rocks, from side to side, or rather corner to corner. This happens on all frames, and not too sure why.
The only thing I can come up with is pressure from the pinner. Has anyone else had this, and how did they overcome.

As always much appreciate, your input and thoughts

I have experienced this in the past. You have compound miters. Check your saw for squareness.

If you get this once in a while, it is warped moulding. Every time and it is compound miters.

There is a shop in Charlotte that has been pumping these out for years.
For the life of me, I can't understand why this wasn't posted on "Warped"....

Does this happen only on the mouldings you chop, or on also on chops you buy?

If it's on all chops.. it's the pinner. Time for a VERY good cleaning and go-through.