Want to wish all those headed to the WCAF show ..

Safe trip to all

Wish I was going too - Next yr for sure - you can hold me to it!!!!
Did you SEE the weather forecast? Whaddaya mean highs in the mid to high 50s? I got that kind of weather here! Now I gotta repack my suitcase! What a CHEAT!!!
"Want to wish all those headed to the WCAF show .."

Would kindly slip my name in the pot for the CMC give-away.

Free lifetime gratitude to the one who gets it in, and I win! (Shipping & Handling not included...
I lived in Las Vegas for three years back in the seventies.Just about every winter, it snows. It usually only got around five or six inches deep, sure the heck wasn't like San Diego. Vegas is up in the high desert, it is not just the temperature, it is also windy.

This time of the year, if your going, take your winter clothing, it is not shorts and halter top season.

Las Vegas is a large city, they do have malls and clothing stores if you don't want to lug all the heavy stuff, or it becomes unseasonably warm.

Hello from Vegas!

It's a bit chilly. 30's at night, high 50's during the day.