Want to take a guess?

J Phipps TN

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jul 14, 2004
Kingsport TN
I just had a customer come in, He's a Doctor. He has been a good customer for two years. He is cheap,for lack of a better term. He always price shops.

He just had family portrait done by a guy who charges about $3000.00 for a large portrait. Very well done. Didn't seem to blink at price of portraits.

Anyway, He couldn't find anything he likes on the wall, or in the AMPF Catolog that was available. So, I just got in my APF catolog in and showed it to him.

He loved them, but I couldn't give him prices because they haven't been downloaded into my system yet.

Any hoo, They went to lunch and wanted me to call and get the prices for the ones he loved.

Here are the retail prices for the 30x30.
$6200. for the most expensive and $4290.00 for the least.

The AMPF prices were about $300.00 a piece. I did tell him the difference in the frames and explain that these frames were made for the White House and the Met. He said he understood and to check anyway.
What do you think his reaction will be?
I'm guessing no sale, But I am going to act like that is a very reasonable price.

Just thought you'd like to take a guess,

He cannot brag about his $10K portrait if you don't sell him that frame...

That is reasonable, considering what the frame is holding, right? ;)
The Louie 15th 5" wide at $6,200. Natch.

Cheap. Untill it's the brag picture of HIM and family. With or without the trophy wife.
Good Luck, Jen. I hope he spends on the big one $$$$ !

But my guess:

He falls to the floor after suffering a massive coronary, needing a doctor of his own...

When it comes to four figures, I've just become an experienced pessimist.
Can't wait 'til I get that customer who turns me into an optimist!
And that sale would pay for some samples so you can sell more!

I can see how finished corner frames would add to the bottom line.
OK He just left. He really wants them, but just can't make the decision to do it.

I honestly think the price made him "more"interested in them.

In all reality, he probably won't do it. They really want the closed corner look but the portrait is 30 x 30. There are very few ready mades that size.

We looked the AMPF catolog up and down. Even called and had them looking.

He doesn't want to settle so I'd say it's a 10% chance of getting the sale.

I am running a coupon and even with the coupon my profit is more than I've ever made on a framing job!

Here's hoping! :D


This definitly makes me feel more pressure to get those samples in here!
Maybe I misunderstand, but is he is choosing a $6000.00 frame from a catalog? I wouldn't buy it unless I had the goods to see for myself, so I wouldn't expect him to, either.

If that is the case, try calling the company and see if they can get a sample to you, pronto.

My guess is he is probably shopping around to see if he can find something somewhere else he likes just as much, without the hefty price tag.

Can you post a picture of the moulding? Maybe one of us can come up with something close from a company you are not familiar with.

I had just gotten the APF catolog in the mail the week before. I had never even seen these frames before, so I just pulled the catolog out as a last restort.

I can't imagine where he could get a closed corner frame any cheaper for a 30 x 30 then the AMPF frame I quoted him, so I am hoping to see him back.

He had two choices and one was not his dream and was cheap, the other was his dream but way up there on the pricing scale!
He had already gone to Micheals and loved thier price but just hated their frames.(no closed corners)

By the look on his face, I'm thinking 10% chance I will get the sale.

Every day of the week customers spend $300 to frame a $150 piece of art which is the same art cost to framing cost ratio so dont give up on the sale yet.
APF has lent me frame samples in the past. They will send them (if they are available) to you along with an invoice. If you return them at your expense within 30 days your account will be credited. I don't know if this is still their policy, but it was within the last 5 years.
I have made some very good sales this way including my most expensive single frame ever.
If you do make the sale, the corner sample is yours to keep.
I believe AMCI has a similar policy.
I had a client with a large vintage poster. There was a 3" wide finished corner frame that suited the design perfectly. $4000. When that seemed like too much we picked something else for about $2800. The next day he called and said his wife told him he'd kick himself forever for cheaping out and changed the order to the closed corner.

Maybe your doctor client will get talked into it.