wall paper paste

The phrase "inviting disastor" comes to mind.

I'd suggest making friends with someone who has a press.

How large is large? Products like Crescent's Perfect Mount on fome work up to 32x40. I think it may come 40x60, but I probably wouldn't use it on anything larger than 32x40.
that is what our shop used 30 years ago - I still have a 32 x 40 wet mount press in the back.

It is basically a huge wood frame with a 1 1/2" screw driven platen than presses a full sheet. Much like an oversized book press.
As Ron suggested, wall paper is generally much heavier than papers used for posters and the paste would likely be absorbed unevenly resulting in a lumpy finished product. You would need to place a large flat object like a sheet of glass over the poster/backing during the drying process (to prevent “bubbling”), and, using paste for something that large would ooze around the edges of the poster making clean up very difficult and messy.

I wouldn’t be as heretical as Judy by suggesting Michaels, but there is no harm or shame in farming out projects to other framers that are too big or too difficult to do yourself. We let others cut our oversized mats, for example.
Judy you just opened a nasty can of works!

Tom, first let me say that my toes are still hurting after I looked over your website! On that note I say go for it use wall paper paste, ;) or maybe a good carpet adhesive would work. I'm thinking a 1/16" grooving tool would put down a nice bead for you! Then that sucker won't go anywhere! Be sure to lay a couple of sheets of plywood on top to help it lay flat. After a day or two of lying under that plywood go ahead and slap it into your yard sale special frame!

Checked out your website, nice photography and artwork (honestly not teasing you here just doing so above

I am the first to agree that framing is expensive, what with overhead and all that. I see that you hand tie fly and fly poles. Beautiful handiwork I am sure. Time consuming and you probably had to learn how to do it. Can you make me a nice 16 foot bamboo fly pole for $5? That's what the one I picked up at a tag sale for. ('86 in Wray CO) It came with a nice collection of flies, but they looked like 100 years old or something so I just couldn't use them.

The pole turned out to have been made in Turners Falls Massachusetts. 20 miles from my home town, made by the husband of a nurse I used to work with! Small world!
Originally posted by Bob Doyle:
Judy you just opened a nasty can of worms!

I had previously made that discovery but I keep it quite. Not having the courage to stir a pot such as that.

And yes, I think wallpaper paste would work just fine.
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