Wall Mounted Changeable Frames

Canton Crew

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Sep 17, 2004
Pagosa Springs, CO
Does anyone have any leads on a wholesale supplier of wall-mounted, changeable picture frames - the kind you might switch menus or other misc documents/images in and out of? Thanks.
This is so ironic... I had an acquaintance call me about a changeable frame for his truck... and I said I knew there was a product since I used to work for the man that had the brainstorm for the product years ago but had lost touch... and here you have a link (that, btw, I hadn't found) -

So, many thanks to the constant resources from my grumbler friends!!

I don't know if this is what they wanted to be able to do by swapping out the truck's frame but I think GM had a concept car a few years back that they called the skateboard.

The main body was a 6 inch thick bed with wheels and powered by fuel cells which were built into the frame "bed". The bodies could be changed out. Their thinking was that if you needed a car for around town you could have it. then when you went on a trip you could put on a truck/van body and be good to go. Changing computer chip would give you a high power truck or a high fuel efficient car.

Cool concept!
Thanks for the info, guys, big help.

As for Roz, beware the brainstorm. Every time I have one, lightning strikes somewhere near my right cortex, making me bark like a dog out of the left side of my mouth...

Joe (wising off for Carolyn)
OK KIDS .... resurrecting this old thread..........

I NEED 8 1/2 x 11 WOOD look frame........

Changeable from the TOP or SIDE.......
That can be mounted to the wall!!!!!!!
AND ......... I dont want to pay $58 each for them!!!!

Anyone have some good sources??? Besides these in this thread? :D
Why not a standard off the shelf certificate frame like the ones sold by by GWI photoframes.

It takes all of about 10 seconds to take it off the wall and change out the document.

OK this is an old thread. From 2005

The restaurant next door just asked for that concept from me for their outside menu board. We are going with a painted metal panel and magnets. like the Bainbridge design counter "easel".
How about just building a regular wood frame, and routing out a potion of the side or the top.

UUHHHH NO.... because I dont want to hurt myself......

It needs to STAY MOUNTED TO THE WALL.......
its going in a MEN'S PARAMEDIC LOCKER ROOM.........
they want to be able to switch out the training papers. :shrug:
Does it need to be a complete frame?
Home about making a 3 sided frame with no top. Glue on backer. Possibly using a moulding that has a double rabit step.

I made a couple of sign holders for a local museum a few years back like this. I used a straight cut to the tops of the holder, and no glass.