wall buddies. Where can I get um


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Feb 21, 2003
Manassas, VA
I have a wall that is on the other side of a laundry room, and garage door entrance into the house. This wall has so much vibration that NOTHING stays straight or level.

I have read with great interest the forums use of the wall buddie system to handle just such a problem. I am not in the retail industry, just a hobbiest who has been framing for 4 yrs for family friends and self.

So I need a place to buy them that will sell non wholesale. Any ideas?

You won't be able to buy them through the website and you usually need a business license to buy wholesale from United or M&M.

I would try a local framer or check with a franchise framer in your area. They may stock them in their supplies area. I do know that they come in retail packs for sale in places like these.

Buying direct usually involves buying in quantity and I don't think that you are going to be interested in buying 100 sets of them.

Oops. Sorry for the misinformation. I haven't visited Darrell's site in quite a while and probably forgot that he had a secure page for buying online.

My apologies to you, Dermot, and to you, greenham.

Oh, ****, email me your mailing address and I'll send you a set for free. I've sent WallBuddies a lot further than Virginia.

If you do that, let me know about how big your frame is. There are two sizes of WallBuddies for wood and also a version for metal frames.