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El Framo

We have had one of the most challenging financial years ever. It seemed that the bad economy had largely passed us by (until December). Our March was spectacular as was our august, but other than that, nada. Is anyone else out there in the same predicament as us? Overall, how's business?
Last year overall was down from a steady incline the previous 10 years. So far my newest location is doing very well. August was my biggest non-Christmas month ever. The old location seems to be in a downward spiral. Not fatal yet but it will be soon if things don't turn around.

Hang in there El, Christmas is coming.
Overall I'm up over 30% from last year. But, this is only my second year, so you'd expect increases. I was REALLY up through May, but June and July were pitiful.

I am anticipating a good holiday season though.
September is always slow around here, because of the State Fair. Many retailers and restaurants take the opportunity to do things like replace the carpet, repaint, and do "spring cleaning" in September.

Still, it hasn't been too bad. I have been averaging 1 1/2 people in the door a day. (not counting people who are just here to ask directions to the fair)
September is usually slow here but the hurricane season has really hurt! The storms literally brought buxiness to a standstill.
People aren't concerned with art on the walls when they don't have power and are cleaning debris from their yards or repairing damaged roofs.
People are starting to filter back through the doors and if another storm doesn't head this way I may still survive.

I've been doing some extra advertising and hope that it will pay off this fall.
I was hoping someone would bring this up. I have done better over all this year compared to last year, except For August. I had one of the slowest months ever! One reason is because Hobby Lobby opened it's doors near me. September has been just OK. I hope this is not a sign of things to come.

I have to admit I'm a little nervous. But I am just trusting the Lord.

Thanks for the commiseration. I think Jerry is on the right track, Christmas is coming and we should all be better off. Hopefully our Florida friends will see a surge in business to compensate for the down time.
Just got off the phone with one of my reps. He said August was "way down" for them and they hadn't seen an increase yet.

I can never decide whether I'd prefer to be the only one slow, then I know I can fix something? Or, if everyone is slow and then I know it's not my fault! :rolleyes:

As I read this post I realized, even if everyone is slow, it's still my fault!
I am the only one here!
My business is up 29% over last year where I had 12% growth. I'm planning to open a second location in about 9 months. But I've marketed heavily the last two years, even when I was out of my comfort zone; thanks to the help at the Small Business and Technology Center. Saturday we're celebrating 30 years in business with a big reception/local artists/music/food/free gifts. Plus we were featured in the July edition of Art and Frame Review. I've been like a dog with a bone getting the word out and traffic has picked up in a big way.
Jennifer, you are probably just seeing a lull while people check out the HL. After the "new" wears off, people will notice that you are much better than the
undertrained people HL offers. (I'm sure they are all nice people, but HL doesn't give them much incentive or useful training)

Try advertising "years of experience" and "better value from a specialist".

I'm gearing up for a big, one weekend show of Erotic art in October, to get everyone's attention. I have had so many artists respond with entries, I am renting extra space for the show.

Fortunately, I was able to rent a storefront nearby for a few days, and getting the electricity turned on there under my name is only $15 extra. My liability insurance can be extended to cover the show for only a small fee.

This is going to be so cool!

I have actually gotten people's attention away from the election.