VT National Guard Painting Framed


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Feb 27, 2002
Just a small town
A couple of years ago my boss came up with an idea to publish a poster honoring the Vermont National Guard with 100% of the proceeds going to the VTNG Family Fund. After finding one of America's finest artists (Michael Dudash) to do the painting, I set to work designing the poster. He wanted to include the patches from the different VTNG units, a brief history of the guard, flags from countries our Guardsmen are currently serving in, and pictures of our Governor (Jim Douglas) and Adjutant General (Martha Rainville). I spent MANY hours working on the poster layout and design. Then we decided we would frame the original painting with the same items that were included on the poster.


Framed Painting:

The painting size is 30" x 40"
Outer Frame is LJ - 733235
Outer Frame (attached to the back of 733235 to give more depth) - 372285
Inner Frame is LJ - 323G (Used like a fillet inside the suede mat)
I used Don Mar 758A to frame the history and the pictures of the Governor and Adjutant General.

Matting is Bainbridge 4210. Had to splice two pieces of matboard across the center.

Total outside dimension of the frame is 52" x 63"

It has finally come together and were working on the finishing touches this week. We hope to unveil the painting at the statehouse sometime this week.
The framing took quite a few hours, but not as many hours as it took designing the poster!
That is very impressive, you have much to be proud of!!

Extra nice!

I, too, would love to be able to read the little badges, but it's still a great piece!