Voting Booth Problem

Leslie S.

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Apr 11, 2002
Waxahachie, TX
Dear Mr Moderator Sir:
I seem to be having trouble voting. I am over 18, am a citizen and a registered Grumbler, so THAT couldn't be it...when I click on the "vote now" box, nothing happens! At the bottom of the page it says something like "javascript(0)", and then "Error on page". Is it the cookie thing again? Help, please.

Leslie, Suffragette ;)

How much over 18?

This is a new one as far as I know. Has anyone else, other than the entire state of Florida, had trouble voting? If you're not sure, I'd suggest you go vote on some issue right now and let us know what happens.

Perhaps I'll start a new poll: Are you having trouble voting?

If it turns out you're the only one experiencing this problem, Leslie, I'm afraid I'd have a hard time getting too agitated over it. It's not like you're going to be able to vote me out of my moderator position. :D
:mad: :mad: :mad:

I found a poll I hadn't voted on yet (it wasn't easy) so I could check this out.

The "javascript(0)" is normal, at least for Rice graduates. The "Error on page" is not. Has this happened repeatedly or did you try once, then give up an sulk for an hour? (That's what I do.)

If it is a repeat problem are you using a Mac, a PC or a Timex Sinclair? AOL, MSN, Earthlink or Izzy's Internet Service? Internet Explorer, Netscape or other? What is your social security number?

(I'm trying to learn the nuances of tech support. It appears that the most popular tactic is to respond to each question with at least four seemingly irrelevant new questions.)
I first noticed this right after the change-over. Being the patient (and lazy) soul that I am, I decided to periodically keep trying it out in hopes that it would fix itself. I use similar tactics with lots of things, usually with the same results. I am running a new PC, with windows XP, MSN, internet explorer, I am 5'7" and weigh more than a bread box and less than an SUV. Any more questions?
I, too have XP. I really like it. It's a lot like NT, which we used at the Fone Company. Unfortunately, mine DOES have a minor bug, and the computer is going back to Gateway to get a new version of XP loaded, at no cost, by the way.
Check with the people you bought the computer from, and insist that they reload XP, and demand the latest version.
XP is ok, but I keep thinking of my old Packard-Bell with 98. It just keeps running and running and running and.......

PS: I've never seen the Javascript thingie....but then, I know nothing about computers. By the way, is Waxa-wherever, Tx close to Blanket, Tx? Seriously.

PSPS: MSN has been having a lot of strange server stuff going on, but they will NEVER admit it. They want to take you through checking this option on your computer, then THAT option. Then, finally, in a coupla days, the server suddenly starts working ok. Seen it happen a lot.
I have to admit I had never heard of Blanket, Tx but Street Atlas says its about 140 miles SW of Waxahachie (I often call it Waxahooter because it reminds me of Hootersville!) Blanket appears to be right outside of Brownwood, where a couple of moulding manufacturers/suppliers are located.

Don't you know you are not supposed to ask a lady her Make & Model? And especially not the Model Year!

Originally posted by Leslie S.:
Don't you know you are not supposed to ask a lady her Make & Model? And especially not the Model Year!


So glad you nipped that one in the bud. Ron has a whole list of follow-up questions including

1. Are you one owner?

2. Low mileage? (City or highway driven?)

3. Are you fully charged summer and winter?

4. Had your fluids changed on a regular basis? (That's a particularly touchy one.)

5. Have you had your tires rotated recently? (Front to rear, rear to front or diagonally?)

6. Are all your signals in working order? (Including hazard warnings).

7. Are you still under warranty?

8. Do your gears grind when you shift from backing up to going forward.

9. Is your finish smooth and new or are there telltale chips and wrinkles?

10. Is your a/c and heater functioning well? (ie., do you go from cold to hot by touching the right button?)

(I DIDN'T say that last one, did I?) :eek:

Hope you don't mind the kidding, kiddo. :D

I would NEVER ask ANY of those things, but I AM curious about your optional accessories (trim and performance.)

What was it you wanted to vote on, anyway? All of the polls so far have been non-binding and a couple of them created ugly international incidents.

Has anybody else had trouble voting? Are you afraid to admit it here?
Let's just say that I'm "high maintenance" and leave it at that. I have forgotten why I thought I needed to vote in the first place, except that I can't read the results, and being a curious female, its driving me CRAZY!!!!(Whoops, there goes any chance of one of you guys fixing this problem. Yes, I can hear you snickering from here!)

Too many foreign parts, huh?

Here are the results from one of the polls. Sorry, I can't seem to duplicate the little bar graphs. If there are others you'd like to see, let me know. Just tell anyone where you got this.

Poll Results: Do you call customers right away? (82 votes.)
Yes. The client is called as soon as the piece is wrapped. 78% (64)
No. We have a set time of day or week for the calls. 16% (13)
No. We notify by mail or other means. 1% (1)
We wait for them to call or come in. No notification. 5% (4)