Vivian Kistler books


Mar 8, 2004
Anniston, Alabama, "The Heart of Dixie"
I am that "fledgling framer" who posted earlier and I am looking for the six volume Vivian Kistler books...Library of Professional Picture Framining. I have found them new on the net at about $100. Is there a source where I can get these used? If not, is the set worth the $100? Is this the best set of books for me to start with or is there another set that would be better. Remember, I am a "never-ever" framer and have not had the benefit a course, yet...but working on that.

Thanks, y'all.......
Dixie -
We've been framing for over twenty-five years and use Vivian Kistler's all the time as a "frame" of reference (sorry)
You will find it is money well spent in the time you will save just figuring things out.
At the DECOR/NYC show they were offering a $25.00 (or maybe a 25% discount) on any order over $100 - you might contact them to see if it is still valid - If not, there are usually specials on their publications at other events or thru PPFA
You definitely answered one it worth the money. Any book y'all use as your "bible" is important to have.

You recommended I contact "them" to find out about the $25/25% off.....I am sorry, but who are "they" to contact?

I have checked at PPFA and, if I am right, the only "set" I can get of these books is the first 4 volumes. If I do this, I want to buy all six at the same time....if nothing else, it saves on shipping!

Anyway, thanks for the post.....
While shopping at the PPFA Bookstore, you might want to also check other reference material. Some of the video's are quite helpful - especially if you are the "visual" type. Vivian has video's (maybe even DVD's by now). All of her material is excellent!

I will chime in, in total agreement with Sherry and Mike. When I first started, I bought all those books you mentioned, as well as their companion videos, and other books that the PPFA offers, also available through M&M Distributors and United Mfg. In fact I just received another one in the mail today, and plan on adding a few more. They are worth every penny. Once you have them you will see how valuable they are, and will reference them often.

Good luck!

Thanks for the link....that is one of the sources I found to buy the set. Y'all have me convinced that these books/videos are a must have for any framer. I will get the set and then buy others one or two at a time as I can afford them.

Y'all are great!

Edited to add the following: Mike, that list from the CPF exam brochure is great! I am going to print that out and use it as my "check-list" of references to buy...thanks