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Jun 30, 1999
Cincinnati, OH
Here's a picture of a display I created for the shop. I made it out of some nasty mat and backing we removed from a customer's picture. Even the frame was a customer cast-off. I did the text in Photoshop. The pointer lines are oxidized braided picture wire. I used regular glass (just to be on the safe side ;) ). This may be the first time I've ever made spacer strips out of aged corrugated cardboard.
:cool: Rick

good display Rick.........

Sample 2 could could be the art with the corrugated pattern acid stain on the art. Or the knot hole stain from a wood shake.
Where do you buy these? Do they come with each shops name on them? Do you have a choice of frame or is it some LJ moulding? Can you do half with regular glass, then half with Conservation, and the top museum?

If so...oh wait it has got to be free and come with a discount coupon in order for me to use it. Then I might order one...

in an odd mood PL
Hey, I think I recognize one of my 1977 framing orders!!

I hope you took my sticker off the back.

Standards change. Sometimes framers don't.

Nice job, Rick. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a display like this is probably worth 1,000 pictures.
Thats fantastic!

I think I might try that and on one side, include better framing examples. Then instead of "Why frame it right" title it "The right way or the stupid way". Then on the last line, "We do it the right way."

I won't really but that would be fun.

Carry on.
Thanks, all. If anyone else is interested in making your own display, email me and I'll sent you a PDF attachment of the graphic element.
:cool: Rick