Virgin Plexiglass cutter


Mar 5, 2003
Yes it's true, this is going to be my first and I was looking for tips and tricks that I should keep handy when doing it for the first time. i did go through the archives but didn't see anything of interest on this subject.
What are you cutting it with? Wall cutter? Hand cutter?

Keep the paper covering on while you cut.

If wall cutter, use plexi blade, score twice, then use the break lever at intervals. Remove from cutter. Snap. Repeat to cut other dimension. Remove any minor plexi shards from edges before removing paper. Remove paper from side that will face art using a tube as a roller. Beware of dust! Place on mat/art. Remove outward facing paper same way.

If cutting by hand, same basic process but use a straight edge to guide cutter. Score several times. Careful not to wander off line!
Are you cutting 1/8" or thinner? Hope so otherwise it gets a little tricky.

If so, the folks at Fletcher make a fabulous little hand tool for cutting plexi. (Assuming of course that you don't have a wall cutter that is capable of cutting plexi. If you do, just refer to your owner's manual for instructions)

If cutting by hand, you will need to score the plexi in the same place about 3-4 times to create a channel about 1/3 of the way through. Use a long metal ruler or something like that as a straight edge guide. You do not need to remove the paper/plastic coating to score it. Leave it on until fitting. You can then snap along the scored line using the edge of a table. Start at one end and work your way to the other. If you score it right, it should snap off without too much of a hassle.

If you do not have a table surface big enough to work on you can work on the floor. Instead of snaping the plexi over the edge of the table, you will need to put something under the score line and snap the plexi over it. I find that a Trim Bar works great for this.

Good Luck,
If you're using a wall cutter....

I score 3 times, and run the cutters rollers over the score 1 time.... you'll hear it crack. That's good.

If it's a large piece, then I just stand it on the floor (with the score perpendicular to the floor), bending it back and open (on the uncut paper) and run a razor blade down the paper.

I'm NOT a pro... but this really works for me.

You have nothing to fear, but fear itself.
Good luck!
A virgin? Realy?

A good bottle of Chardoney, maybe turn on Frank Sinatra kinda low, dim the lights and go slow.

Oops, that this was Warped.

Wall cutter or the Fletcher hand tool with straight edge.

Then there is my way... Hand tool along the straight edge of our C&H. :D I like to feel the scoring... I snap after I'm half way through.
If you don't have a cutter, get the little green handled Fletcher tool from the HW store. If you think you will cut often, Get the Fletcher cutter with changable blades. Of course, blades for the wall cutter is even better.

When hand scoring, be sure the blade follows the same groove or the sh*t will never break right. The best straight edge I ever bought for cutting plexi is a drywall T. The large T won't slip as much and cuts are square.
Good Luck, John
I do have a Fletcher 3000 wall mounted cutter but, Matoaka when you refer to run the cutter rollers over once I don't follow you?
Do have the manual or the video to go with that Fletcher 3000?

The roller mechanism is made for snapping the plastic after it's scored and it works fabulously.

I don't think I could begin to describe verbally how it works, though.
The roller is a 2-hand operation for me. You hold the rollers tightly down on the plexi (they make contact on either side of the score line), while keeping the scoring blade off the plexi.... swoosh! crack! It's broken. I think the roller handle is just to the left of the blade lever. (I'm not in the shop right now).

Ron's right... it works fabulously!
Originally posted by Ron Eggers:
The Fletcher 3000 cuts plexi like a champ with one pass.

A table saw or even a jig saw will work.
Ron, love my 3000 as well. Does a great job, I'd only reiterate Matoaka's suggestion of scoring 3 times before snapping the plexi.

When I used a jig saw I went real slow to follow the curved line I was cutting. When I had finished I found that the plexi had fused itself back together behind the blade! But I was cutting through a 1/4" white plexi I was going to use as a design countertop.
Originally posted by Matoaka:
... while keeping the scoring blade off the plexi....
There's a button on the bottom left hand side of my 3000 blade "carriage" that holds the scoring blade away from the plexi. Lift the scoring blade with the handle, press the button, and the blade is held, until you squeeze the blade-lifting-handle-thingie (What is the right name for it!?) again.

I use that button all the time, for changing the blades, snapping plexi....

BTW United sells replacement bushings for the 3000. I try to replace them every other year, don't know why just told to do it as it was cheaper than replacing the 3000! Preventative maintenance and all that.
Same, here, Edie.

I guess gods and goddesses only have to score it once.

(Maybe the difference is in the particular product.)
I did everything you all said, scored three times, found the locking button on bottom, had rollers snap the plexiglass and everything worked fabulously. Thanks to all!
Was it good for you?

Bad habit on my part (like my shrink wrapping fiasco last month!)

When I first started scoring plexi it was with a dull blade, that was also the wrong blade. So the scores were more like scratches. So multiple passes gave a better score and a better snap.

Also I have scored 1/4 plexi, and then definitely need to use multiple passes on the thick stuff!

Used to cut ABS (3/16 to 3/4" stuff) on a table saw, that was dangerous! Was working late one night, alone, and a chunk grabbed in the blade and nailed me in the stomache. After I got over how bad it hurt I realized it could have really caused some damage!