vinyl signs

William J. Benton

Grumbler in Training
Sep 17, 2003
Dixon, CA
Wanted to share. I recently found vinyl signs made to order for store fronts, doors, vehicles, etc.

I got 4 custom signs for $23.00 and they look good. The owner, Kelly, sent great instructions for putting them on and they look great.

If you can use:

Thank you, Bill.
I needed another source as my local guy is so covered up, he can't seem to get to any small jobs anytime soon, and I'd like to have something done by Thanksgiving. This might be an alternative for me. Thanks for sharing!
That sounds like a VERY fair price, for any size job. The rolls of vinyl run about $80 each. I priced out vinyl logos for our doors and the companies wanted several hundred dollars. We ended up going out and buying our own vinyl cutting machine that can do up to 24" wide. (it works very much like a CMC!)

After adding up the savings for making the roof signs, glass signs, vehicle, and for our other (non framing) businesses; it was cheaper to just buy the equipment and do it ourselves.

A lot of people sell vinyl services on EBAY as well.