Vintage program


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Aug 12, 2000
Mansfield, Ohio
Roma frame and fillet/fabric top mat. Marie did a nice job making the corners match.



I am truly envious of anyone who can match corners and that is an exquiste job.
Great match. I also noticed someone else has pipe easels. They make great loaners when some local groups need to borrow easels for an event.
I forget exactly what we used on this job. I'll look up the info at work tomorrow.

About the pipe easel - the shopping center provided them for us, for a fee. They wanted something that wouldn't blow over. We put a placard on them and change the message every so often.
The top mat wasn't fabric. I forgot. It was A4832 Pumpkin. It matched better.

Fillet Roma 14211031

Bottom mat 1693 Sherwood. Bevel painted black

Frame Roma 40955

Con clear glass and 1/8" spacers

Inside opening 6" x 9 1/4"

Size including frame 14" x 17 1/4"
Marie did a nice job making the corners match.
Oh, go ahead Jana, tell 'em the truth... it's really a closed corner. :D

My hat is off to Marie. Excellent job. Even with out a fabric mat...
it's just simpley beautiful.

Great job
Nice! Corners too!
I want that molding!!

I don't recognize it, I don't have a sample of it!
Its wonderful tell me who has it, number please!!

LOL I guess if I had taken the time to look at earlier posts........Thanks for the info.

I have often colored bevels and am interested in how you do it. Curiouse as to how other people do things, might learn something....or I might do it an easier way and teach you something..never know!

ok here is my first stupid question on the grumble. Baer mentioned closed corners, have heard that term before, will you explain just what that is?

Hi Elsa. I mask the bevels with removable tape and burnish it a little with a boning tool on the edge next to the bevel. I paint the bevel with a small bristle brush and acrylic craft paint. You can paint them any color.

You can put the tape on first and then cut the mat, but I'm better at doing it in the order I mentioned. It's one instance where I'm glad to be so near-sighted. I take off my glasses and can see really well.

If paint bleeds a little, I wait til it dries and then sand it with an emery board or scratch it off carefully with an Exacto knife. (We use Excel blades. They are sharper.)

Sometimes when the removable tape is peeled off, there is some residue that will leave sticky stuff on the glass. I carefully go over that area on the mat with a rubber cement eraser before putting the package together.

And voila, a painted bevel!

Painting bevels doesn't take much time once you get the hang of it. Once again, it's something I learned from The Grumble!
I pretty much do the same thing, only I use those little sponge type painting tools--dry not wet! It gives me more control over the amount of paint I pick up.
If you hold it straight up and down and kinda tap the paint on, I hardley ever get any bleed.
Have never noticed any residue from my tape--you might try a differant brand.

We had a little problem with pricing of this, as we found that we were pricing them less than the cost of a colored bevel mat.
Of course we discovered this while designing for a customer and ended up painting all her bevels cuz it was cheaper! So we upped the price right after she left the store!! lol! live and learn.

Thanks for your info!

Happy Framing
Great job. That moulding is absolutely the perfect choice for the program. Fabulous corners!
Jana and Marie: You turned a geat piece of memorabilia into an understated work of art.

I value the clean, subtle look you captured.It breaks my heart that more framers don't pay attention to the small details like matching corners, and aligning the compo designs vertically and horizontally.