Vintage kids' art

Vintage, eh? Geeze, all of a sudden I feel old. I grew up with many of those very images. Does that make me Vintage too? How old does something/someone have to be to be considered Vintage?
Hi Val. Maybe I should have said "nostalgic." ;) I'm vintage, too, and proud of it. My motto this year is "Fifty-five and still alive." :D
I'm "Fifty-One and havin' fun." :D

Who's next?
Yeah, James, you're just a young whippersnapper!
I'm 63 and have to <strike>pee</strike> BRAG!!! :cool:

I have always maintained that age is a mind thing and you are only as old as you allow yourself to be.

Think about that.

Words of wisdom from "the <strike> ancient </strike> ageless one!" :D
Thanks Jana...I'll be 55 this year too...considering the times we grew up in...we do need to be proud to be alive...and Framerguy hit the nail on the is true that age is a mind thing...I don't allow my self to be older than 30
The posters are cute...but I think vintage is the wrong word
Your DOB is just a reference point. I'm 51 and I am just leaving for a 25 - 30 mile bike ride - off road.

I'll take my camera and take some shots of places that can only be reached by foot, horesback or mountain bike - they sell very well. Not bad, keeping fit AND making money out of it!

See ya later.
"You're only as old as the woman you feel"

So I make sure I hug my 26 yr old hair dresser well.

Years ago, I had an epiphany: If I let my inner 4 year old out to play, and encourage others to let theirs out to play, then life isn't so dang serious. You can take life seriously, but if you seriously live you just become that wrinkled old jerk at the end of the street that you hated as a kid.

As for those FINE works of RECENT art.... :D