Vibrating Wizard


May 26, 2004
Brandon, MS
Brown’s Framing & Fine Art
Our Wizard CMC started vibrating yesterday while we were cutting mats. The gantry seems to be what is really vibrating the most. So, we took everything apart & cleaned the head, gantry, wheels, etc. First cut was perfect, second a little vibration, now its as bad as when it started.

We've checked all the screws holding everything together & to the wall, nothing is loose.

Do we have a problem, or is my Wizard telling me Christmas is over & it really, really needs a break?
Has anyone else had a similar effect?

Haven't had that problem. Did you call Wizard. Their help desk is generally very good about getting you back up & running.
Not yet, I was just hoping it needed a good cleaning. The vibration is only on left to right movement so I was hoping the wheels were dirty (they weren't) & that was the problem. I will probably be contacting Wizard shortly.
I did have that problem once, and after I adjusted the cables it went away. Check your book to see how many pounds of pressure is recommended and get a fish scale and adjust accordingly if it is out of wack. Mine became loosed with use and once I tightened it, it was fine. That's probably what Wizard will recommend, but you should probably contact them to walk you through this process. They are wonderful to work with!
I could be wrong, but it sounds exactly like the problem we have had twice. We are on our third gantry. We were told that this is a normal/common wear item.

In our case, it was a bearing in the shaft that runs vertically, to the left of the gantry. (the aluminum shaft that contains a driveshaft and says "do not touch") This shaft controls left/right movement along the rubber belts.

Other than the loud noise, they claim it's harmless. When ours got loud enough that we couldn't hear the phone, we called and they gladly replaced it under the maintenance contract.

Repair usually involves sending you a whole new gantry assembly, less the cutting head. You have to remove the head, untension the belts, remove some screws, slide the old gantry off the left side, and reverse the steps to install the replacement. (Figure about 30 minutes to swap it out)

If you give the nice folks at Wizard a ring, they'll quickly diagnose it. They may even have you hold the phone up near the machine so they can hear it.

Thanks for all the input. We tried tightening all the belts, etc. again & it's still vibrating. We'll be calling Wizard shortly.

I can't live without my CMC!!! :eek:

Thanks everyone!
Shannon Waltman-Ryle
Waltman Originals
Byram, MS
There are some people out there who would pay extra for the vibrating feature.
FYI: Before I could call, Brian from Wizard called & has gotten everything taken care of for me. They are sending a new gantry to replace the vibrating one.

Thank you so much Brian and everyone at Wizard!!!

No doubt about it... Brian is the best out there from what I 've seen him do while on the grumble.

And that is from someone who has an Eclipse!