very large swiss clip frame


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Sep 27, 2004
Brooklyn, NY
I have a client who wants me to put a print (not drymounted) that measures 92 x 32" under plexi glass with swiss clips and a foam core backing. I have done this before with a different medium (paintings on paper) but I am beginning to wonder if this is really do-able. Won't the plexi pull away from the backing in some spots even though we have the clips on it? Once this happens I am imagining the print starting to buckle and wrinkle (since it won't be completely sandwiched) Is there a way (tape, etc) to somehow adhere the plexi to the backing board so that it doesn't seperate and the art stays completely flat without drymounting it? I am doubtful but I thought I'd ask and see if anyone of you have performed a miracle quite like this..Thank you!
Allow me to be blunt:

There is no way to cheap out on a print this size and not have equally HUGE problems down the road. If they can't afford to put a #11 oem black on this then they shouldn't be framing it.

My opinion only!!!

edie the itmustbefriday goddess
Edie's right, that piece is almost 9' long by 3' wide and you simply can't just throw a few Swiss clips on it and expect it to last. You might try to educate your customer as to the logistics of holding an extremely large and odd sized piece like that together.

Framing Suppliers sells a 1" flat profile matte black wood frame that would be the minimum that I would consider putting on a piece that size. And the moulding is waaaay under a buck a foot your cost.

Based on the size, I wouldn't even suggest OEM 11.

I would suggest a stronger moulding possible with a wood strainer and 1/4" plex (not even 2.5 mm or 3 mm plex, but 6 mm plex).
And foamcore/plexi combo bespeaks eventaul bellying out on darn near any size package, no matter what sorts of pinchy clips you try. Gotta be supported on all edges, or use glass which at least doesn't belly out... but certainly not on THAT size pic! Remember Vivian's Axiom: We are framers; we are not magicians.
When I read a thread like this, I think I must have lead a very sheltered framing life. I don't recall anyone ever asking for Swiss clips on something that size. If they did, I dismissed the idea so quickly that it never got stored in my very limited memory banks.

If you somehow managed to keep a piece of acrylic smooshed against an unmounted print that size (say, with a 1/4" sheet and a humongous frame to support the considerable weight) the paper would STILL buckle because it wouldn't be able to expand and contract uniformly with normal humidity changes.

"Miracle" sounds like the right word.
Thank you so much for the suggestions-- I figured this was the case. I am going to suggest a clark metal moulding (strong enough/ cheap enough).
I would also recommend (of course I would, wouldn't I) spacers and hinging the print over the top edge of the backing with a permanent but reversible adhesive (like wheat starch paste).

If you put ANY pressure on the baking in this frame - your print will buckle. This means no spring clips! the print must be allowed to expand and contract freely with changes in humidity.

If you frame it up againts the acrylic without some sort of spacers - the edges of the print will see humidity changes before the center area will and it will buckle.