Velvet Easel Backs

Herringer Kiss

Grumbler in Training
Dec 7, 2004
Does anyone know where I can purchase the attractive velvet easel backs that normally come with readymade frames? I can only find the cheap paper style and they're not strong enough.
First, welcome to the Grumble! And, I bought them from United as well.

Since you brought this up, I've been planning on making up some photo frames from scrap after the holiday rush. In the past I have just glued them down, but I noticed on some photo frames I bought that they also had small black staples in them. I think they look fine and add a touch of support. I also suspect I can "glue, staple, and go" and won't have to "clamp and wait." Thus, speeding up the process.

Anyone know where to get htese little black staples and staple gun?? If the answer is United, please give me a part #, because I've looked and can't find them.

We haven't used easel backs in years. we use "EaselMates"(tm) (United #4894). Buy them in bulk and they cost about a buck apiece. You can finish the back of the frame off any way you desire (black paper, vellum, foil wrapping paper, etc.).

They're the bomb! Check them out.

MAX, I have some of those and have used them on occasion. They are useful in a number of situations. But, they're not very useful when you are selling a frame that the customer wants to put the picture in when they get home. Unless of course you use turnbuttons and build a removable back. But, that get's a little costly.

The product sheet on the Fletcher web site looks like a small black point driver. (Drives small black points.) I am looking for small black staples that go into the surface of the velvet easel back. Am I just not seeing how the Fleximaster does it?

These are driven in around the surface edge of the velvet easel backs that come with a hinged door with turnbuttons. I want to staple and glue around the back edge.
Hello Deborah, We can supply these to you. We do not stock them as most do not want to purchase them when we give them the price. We sell them to our OEM accounts and they are custom made to your size and specifications. We can provide any leg extension, door back style, or drop in style, three types of backing, - fake leather, velour and plain black stock. The backs come in 50 pt, 70pt, 100 pt or 125 pt board and the legs in 70 pt, 100 pt 120 pt and 160 pt board. You can have metal hooks on two sides or no hooks. No two customers want the same type or combination so we just carry the cheaper adjustable ones in stock and take custom orders for those who who want the better quality ones.
Instaed of going THRU the easel back you put the flexi points around the EDGE of the easel back. The Flexi pints work well with the door type easel backs ( you can glue if you want and bend the tabs over edges) and is especially nice for easel backs that need to be removed. ( The easel backs that cover the entire back.) We do hundreds of these every month.
I just received an order for the velvet easel backs from UM. The quality is not what I expected at all. UM is taking care of it for me...

But... where can I get nice velvet easel backs?

My immediate need was resolved... so it's not a rush!


I had some nice red velvet ones in the shop. I thought that they came from United. The black flocked chipboard ones are quite ugly and are all I can get from my local distributor.

Yet looked in catalog Umited 2266 Maroon Suede
and maybe #2265 Black suede with ribbon ooh.

Hope this helps, might be the ones you ordered!
This may sound insane, but you can make them using your own special fabric.(Or some scrap you have laying around)

Take a look at how commercial easlebacks are constructed and use that as your template.

UMS or M&M carries the "hinge" for the leg. Then add a little ribbon.

It takes some time, but if you really need to....