Vee-nail Operation ?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Feb 14, 2004
Nicholasville, KY
Yes I finally got my machine.
It is a Brevetti Uno is great shape and works great on most things.

I have a few questions about operation:

#1) This model does not have and says it does not require a felt pad under the clamp. Any softwood I try is coming out with the indention of the clamp. Backed off air pressure - same result + nail not driven in.
The book also said not to use glue on frames...
Does this need a pad?

#2) How do you do "swan" style mouldings? No flat area press on on top?
Sorry for such newbie questions but I am learning and the whole 3 page manual is in very broken english.

Note: Harder woods with flat profiles, it is doing fantastic!

I have a VN-J, but I think your questions would apply to either pneumatic or manual underpinners.

#1 I use a small round or oval “fallout” of suede mat board between the moulding and the hold down clamp. That seems to cushion the indentation that you may be experiencing.

#2 We have made a series of joined, right angle wooden dowels of various diameters which fit into the depression of swan (and sometimes cove) shaped mouldings. They are stackable so you can reach the height of the hold down clamps without touching the moulding directly.
Thanks for the suggestions. I have a piece of dense but soft felt that I am going to try. IF that dotn work, I will try the mat board.

The dowels - that is a great idea! THANKS!
Just tried little scraps of foam core and it works fine!
I've got quite a collection of homemade hold-down clamp pads. Some are mounted on large washers so they stick to the vertical clamp bar's magnetic surface. Some are loose, and get laid over the moulding. One of my favorite resilient materials is the dense foam that kneeling pads are made of. Look for them in the gardening dept. of the hardware store. They cut really easily into whatever shape you need. Experiment!
:cool: Rick