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Mar 15, 2005
Prattsburgh, New York
I recently spent 3 months working in a very high end frame shop, who was very well equiped with cutter,saws etc. I would like to do some work on my own. My question is what alternatives do I have instead of the vacuum heat process. It was a wonderful piece of equipment however the cost blows me away. Any suggestion would very helpful.
You could always get a traditional drymount press. These can be purchased under several company names as well as used equipment. Sometimes you can find them here, Ebay, or used equipment vendors from a few hundred dollards to over a thousand dollars. Good luck
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Patrick Leeland

I'm with Patrick. If you can't afford the luxurious heat/vacuum press, go for the "floating head" heat press.They're versatile, can mount oversized pieces in "bites" and are a space saver.

Seal makes a great one. 500tx, I think. They can be found on E-bay occasionally. (Search "Mounting Press")

Also go to
Not much inventory, but reputable.

I'm looking for a press too. Someone suggested I send a postcard to area framers to let them know I was willing to buy & pick-up.

You might try that, as there may be folks retiring, closing up.