Vac-U-Mount alternative


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Apr 26, 2002
De Pere, WI
I've done searches on and read several threads on spray adhesives for cold mounting in a vacuum press. For the most part they've been just bits and pieces. So what is a good alternative for Vac-U-Mount? There was some mention of a water based spray. Which product is that?

I have three small posters to mount but not sure how they were printed. They "feel" different than other poster material and I don't want to take any chances with heat.

Denny, for smaller posters there are some products, like Crescent's Perfect Mount, that are pressure-sensitive adhesives pre-mounted on fome-board with a release paper. They are designed to work without a press, but will work nicely in your Vacuseal press without heat.

I didn't see any of that laying around when I visited but, depending on your deadline, I think I might have some in Two Rivers.

In my experience, these aren't going to be as reliable as heat mounting with tissue, but will be more reliable than spray adhesives and are a reasonable choice if you can't use heat.
Thanks again Ron, I've used Perfect Mount before for puzzles but never for posters. I'll order some with my next order and give it a try in the press. What's the best procedure? Cut the release paper away the size of the poster. Put it in the press. Trim the perfect mount to size then peel the remainder of the paper away when fitting the mats?
Cut the board a bit bigger than the poster so alignment isn't so critical. (Also the fomeboard edges will crush in the press.) Remove the whole cover sheet. Apply the poster and make sure it's reasonably flat. (Otherwise you'll get some very tight, irreversible creases.) Put the cover sheet back on and apply vacuum for a couple of minutes. Then remove the cover sheet and trim off the excess board.

It's like magic!
Really? It works without heat?

It does sound like magic!

How have I missed this?!?!?!
Yeh, Deb, no grass fires.

BTW, in case anyone is thinking that Denny may be a little too cautious in wanting to cold mount these posters, I have a little story.

Not too many years ago, a customer brought a couple of inexpensive posters she bought on line (from, I think.)

They looked like regular old cheap offset clay-coated posters, so I dry mounted them.

And they melted.

I got the info from my customer, went to to order replacements. I paid about $2.50 each for the posters and $25.00 or so for shipping and handling.

Did I mention that we already had color-matched frames cut and joined?

The new posters arrived and were so drastically different in color from the ones my customer had ordered not 30 days earlier from the same source that I had to make new frames in a different finish.

I cold mounted them - probably with Perfect Mount.

Somebody once posted an idea for using an inexpensive hand-held low-power microscope from Radio Shack to look at the dot pattern on these posters from and similar sources. The idea was that you could see a difference in the dot pattern compared with regular offset lithographs.

I never could see the difference (except AFTER they melted in the press. Then the difference was quite striking.)