V-Nailer tips and tricks handbook

S Patterson

Jan 28, 2003
New Zealand
Has anyone written, heard of, or found something that has tips/methods when using a v-nailer. As you all no doubt know - there are no strong fast rules but some sort of manual would be great when you're working your way through a new moulding or crap starts happening and you can't pin point where you are going wrong.
I don't know about any difinitive manual, but what I do know is that the one thing you need to use your v-nailer successfully is PATIENCE. Line up your corners and apply the clamp a few times before firing your nails; experiment with the top clamp. I find that two fingers width is good on soft wood, and one is good for hard; Practice with scraps and ends if you're not sure how to set up a moulding; and PRACTICE.