v-nailer & laminator/mounter


Feb 26, 2002
South Lake Tahoe, CA
I am hoping to purchase a v-nailer and a laminator/mounter ASAP, and am having trouble obtaining information. I would appreciate any input relative to your experience. Thanks in advance...
I am a gallery owner / photographer specializing in my own very large photographs (30x40, 40x50, 30x90, etc). I am considering a laminator/roll mounting system with which to mount these large photos. Daige appears to have a reasonably priced machine, around $1,800, but I would love some input about this type of device from experienced people.
Also, I would like to get a manual / foot powered v-nailer, as I am not doing huge volume, and the price seams much more reasonable for the manual models. Any input on the different brands, specific models, etc? Price is a bit of an issue, but I am willing to spend a bit more for reliable quality.

Thanks in advance,
I'm not familiar with the Daige machine, but I have a Seal. It's a double roller, 40 inch wide, adjustable pressure and you can heat one or both rollers. I've seen some machines that limit the heat function to only one roller so you put laminate on one side and flip your work to apply laminate to the other side. I prefer doing both sides at the same time. If I want to do only one side (for example, to top coat a print I've mounted on a board) I just heat the top roller.

It takes a bit of practice to learn how to mount large prints. These machines are not forgiving, particularly when you are using aggresive adhesives and your prints are on a thin paper stock. However, once you "mind meld" you will know what to avoid. I've mounted & laminated prints up to 16 feet long without any problems. I'm a real happy guy when a customer has a couple of hundred "posters" that he wants encapsulated. Once the machine is set up you just run these things through the machine as fast as you can feed them, trim them up and pay the rent.

I can’t speak to the lamination process, but as far as underpinners are concerned, we’ve have very good luck with arm powered the Pistorius VN-J.

It takes up very little room (unlike the leg operated floor models), and because it is hand powered, it is comparatively inexpensive. Of course you don’t need a compressor either with the noise, expense, and maintenance problem associated with them.

The only real maintenance one needs with the VN-J is an occasional silicone lube on some of the sliding surfaces. After about 10 years of operation I have only had to replace the hold down clamp once because of excessive wear.