UV Glass

Bob Doyle

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Jul 14, 2002
South Berwick, Maine
I read a while back about other framers having trouble telling uv glass and plexi from regular. I read about ways to use flourescent lights and to check the difference.....

It all lost me! sorry! Check out www.arborsci.com I boutgh their "UV Beads" $5 plus shipping. They work great and are real easy to use. Just do a search for uv beads on their site and viola easy to use too. Just stick them under the glass and they turn purple under regular glass and stay opaque under uv glass.

I also use them in my windows I have a necklace made out of the beads with the beads hanging on both side of the uv glass.

only problem is that they are sold in 200 count lots, you really only need 10 of them, but .... trying to find uses for the extra has been interesting and entertaining
BobD - Cool!!! I saw these in an Edmunds catalog and was gonna buy some just to PLAY with!!! Now I can write them off as a business expense!! Thanks for the super idea and welcome to the Grumble!!!
Wow, what a cool website - thanks!