UV glass


Feb 26, 2006
Union Springs, New York
Hello! First, some history... right now I still have a day job, but I am hoping to be able to open a frame shop in the near future with my husband. He is a stained glass artist and a woodworker, and I paint murals...so we are trying to figure out how to fit it all together.

I have a little shop set up in my home and have been doing small jobs for folks in my town. I have just encountered my first customer that needs UV glass. I live in the boondocks, so I am having a hard time finding someone local who stocks UV glass. I've searched the web, but I can't seem to find any retail suppliers of it. I found someone in my area that MIGHT have what I need, but the company it is made by is called Tru-vex. It's a small company that mostly does bent glass for furniture.

Is all UV coated glass archival quality? Any ideas for retail TruVue glass or other good companies that I could order from without being a business?

please help! Kari

Bill Henry-

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Aug 17, 2002
Boondock Bowerbank, ME
Retired from the grind
If you get a tax i.d. from the gum’mint, many (or, at least, some) wholesale distributors will sell to you. If you plan to expand your enterprises, you’ll need a tax i.d. at some point, anyway.

Then comes a search for distributors near enough to you to either deliver to you or for you pick up your stuff from … which … umm, you know what I mean.